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After countless times of hearing the inspiring stories told-by my parents-of the "angel" nurses who cared for me while hopitalized as a toddler with Guillen Barre Syndrome, I knew that it was the... Read More

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    One more thing....I was reading an article on asparagus. It claimed that 4 TBS of pureed asparagus twice a day will reduce cancer cells. How true this is..I don't know but it is worth trying.

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    Thanks for that great post...It brought tears to my eyes. I lost my father last year to cancer and I feel like I can't find my footing...Your post has inspired me!! May God bless and keep you and yours. Special blessings to your wonderful parents.
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    I am so inspired by your story. May God bless you in every way possible to bring you peace and success. You are truely a born nurse.
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    WOW!!! what a great story you have there. That's one great story. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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    oh my goodness! I felt some tears as i read your readings. I am proud of you! You did it! and I wish you luck on passing that test the next round up; and I pray that your folks will be just fine. You have a great family, and that makes things a bit easier. Good Luck and God Bless you!
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    The curvey road called Life does have many crooks and turns. Your story has inspired me, and I am sure that it has and will inspire others. Just remember that God is still in the miracle working business, and anything is possible through Him. God Bless and good luck on the NCLEX.
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    Thanks for sharing your story.You are an amazing person and I am so glad to hear you passed.You made it through all of those storms that life threw at you.You are definately an inspiration. I wish the best for you and your family.

    Take care!
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    Wow, what an amazing post! I love reading stories like this because it shows me that anything is possible as long as your heart and faith are in it. Congrats to you for making it so far!
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    hello everyone.
    i recently signed up this forum in hopes to find a better understanding in the nursing field. i am currently applying for government funds to apply to an lvn school and part of the process is to interview 3 people who have experience in nursing. i need to interview someone who has completed the lvn program and worked somewhere for some time now. answer maybe 10 questions by email or over the phone. thanks