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If you are a new grad without health care experience then here is my story of encouragement. I graduated in May 2012; ADN with no healthcare experience. I took the NCLEX in Nov. and started applying in Oct. Like you it was a... Read More

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    Thank you for sharing and congrats! Sound advise for us who are also applying to nursing programs.
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    I have the very same story, but God! Hired on the same day I was interviewed. I put my full trust in God and boy did he deliver, I'm absolutely thrilled with the hospital, their vision and mission. I could't agree with you more! Congratulations!
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    Thank you for sharing. It's so good to hear that persistence does pay off. Congratulations and best of luck in your new position!
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    congratulations!!good inspiring story, thanks for sharing...
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    So awesome, congratulations
    I cannot wait for that to be me soon. I must admit I am so scared...as times goes by I am forgetting what I learned.
    Thank you for reinforcing that there will be jobs for us.
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    Wonderful advice. I have to agree that all the "failures" allowed me to refine and be ready to accept the desired offer I did receive instead of any position I could get my hands on. In retrospect, I can see how I would not benefitted from landing a position at certain places I applied to just trying to get experience. My faith has taught me this principle: doors close for a reason, so that a door can open, the one you are meant to walk through.
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