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Encouragement for New Grads with no experience:) - page 2

If you are a new grad without health care experience then here is my story of encouragement. I graduated in May 2012; ADN with no healthcare experience. I took the NCLEX in Nov. and started applying... Read More

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    Yes it seems that way.New nurses have to have connections in order to get into the hospital...which is very devastating news to us new grads.

    Congrats newgrad503!!! Thanks for the inspirational advice.
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    Thanks for the encouragement, God knows I can use it! I'm a new grad as well and it's been a LONG 6 months of frustration applying for RN jobs. I've applied to over 30 positions in various different hospitals and units in NY, with only 2 interviews and still nothing.... I hope things begin to look up like they did with you.
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    Congrats . I found 2 jobs right away after graduation . One offer is in the hospital that I love but not a specialty I'm interested in . I got hired for orthopedics i start next month. i'm just gonna do it for a year and move on after that . But us great to hear stories as yours !
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    Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!
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    Amen, and your inspiring.
    You have to be creative but professional with resumes.. Make yourself stand out and dont be afraid of talking to the managers
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    Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing!! I am not a RN, but a new grad LPN in Canada.
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    Thank you for sharing and congrats! Sound advise for us who are also applying to nursing programs.
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    I have the very same story, but God! Hired on the same day I was interviewed. I put my full trust in God and boy did he deliver, I'm absolutely thrilled with the hospital, their vision and mission. I could't agree with you more! Congratulations!
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    Thank you for sharing. It's so good to hear that persistence does pay off. Congratulations and best of luck in your new position!
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    congratulations!!good inspiring story, thanks for sharing...
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    So awesome, congratulations
    I cannot wait for that to be me soon. I must admit I am so scared...as times goes by I am forgetting what I learned.
    Thank you for reinforcing that there will be jobs for us.