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If you could please share with me the positive things that you like about Nursing... I am constantly told that its not a great career and people don't like their jobs.. I am currently accepted for... Read More

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    It is nice to hear the positive comments. I have been reading this board as I went through the pre-reqs and will be starting the actual nursing classes on 1/23. I too was thinking that I had made a big mistake by choosing this as a second career.
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    I like my job very much. It offers me the chance to keep learning- every day. I have great colleagues who are passionate about what they do. I feel like I really make a difference for people.
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    Really, I just love taking care of people, even if they do not act grateful.
    I work in a jail as a CNA/medtech, and no my job is not very rewarding. It is a lot of fun and great experience, but really it is not that rewarding or fulfilling lol
    Even so, I love what I do, simply because it is how I define myself & I take pride in it.
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    I have had several different kinds of jobs in my life, and there has been nothing greater than being a nurse. I used to work unfulfilling jobs just for the paycheck. What a waste of life! I wanted something to do that would allow me to feel like a made a difference in the lives of others. I began as a CNA in LTC. I worked through nursing school and have eentually arrived at a MICU for the VA. I love what I do so much. This job is like winning the lottery. Of course I have stressful days with difficult patients at times, but I would not trade it. I get to have the bit of adrenaline working in the ICU and on the code team. I get to have time with my patients and their families to listen, talk, and teach. I did not have this as a floor nurse. Being a nurse is great!
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    I am never struggling to stay awake and watching the clock so I can leave. I am way too busy doing things all the time. It's great for someone who has loads of energy and ADD like me!

    I think if you're a CNA you already have a good sense of what nursing looks like and what working hard is so if you're not turned off already, then you should pursue it. I just wouldn't recommend nursing to people who don't have enthusiasm to work or those who think it's a "get rich quick" plan because GUUUUURL we are not rich and if we get paid more than the next person, I bet we still work 2x harder.
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    I remember when I first started working in LTC. This was some 10 years ago. I knew when I started a wanted to become a nurse. I started out in Activities then Social Services onto Bookkeper onto Rehab Coordinator. During my time in the facility the nurses always complained about their jobs. This quickly discouraged me from becoming a nurse about 3 months into the job. I said all of that to say sometimes it's your environment you're in. I'm no longer with the company and I'm finishing up my prereq's for the nursing program. If your desire is to become a nurse then by golly become one!!! You abviously love what you do to hang in there for 11 years. Even though my job titles switched over the years while working in that LTC facility. I always thought the CNAs hads the hardest job in the building yet the most unrespected. Keep the faith and continue reach towards your dream!!! :-)
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    OP, you have worked in the environment for 11 years. Honestly, if you haven't been able to REALLY check out what nursing is, or at least get a feel for what it is by now, what is going on with you?!


    Negativity? well, it's just not about that, it's a serious thing nursing is. You need to give yourself a good slap in the face, or at least a stiff drink :spin:. Nursing holds absolutely no promises.
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    Well for me, I am a talker and I love people including my co-workers. In nursing I get to interact with all type of people from different walks of life. I get to learn new things and to teach things to the patients, families and yes, to my colleagues. At times it gets very interesting. I works on a med/surg floor and soon will be moving to SICU. Thats one of the perks of being a nurse you can always move to a new area and learn new things if you gets bored with your present situation. I will type, go for it and have fun in the process and remember always keep a smile on your face. Best of luck.
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    Absolutely love my job even after 23 years!
    I've worked in different specialties in that time and that's what is great about nursing - if you don't like one area you can always move to another!
    I work in acute geriatrics at the moment (seem to keep going back to it) and there are days when I get frustrated, annoyed, I get behind, run out of time to do all the things I wanted to do, end up staying over becuase someone is late, forgot they were working, agency never turned up etc but I always go home at the end of a shift knowing that I did my best and made somebody elses day a better one. The pay isn't great but it's not bad either, it's a great way to make new friends, and I've gone from being a wide-eyed newbie who hadn't the faintest idea what he was doing to being confident, able to teach others, be in charge of the ward and have doctors come and ask me my opinion in treating a patient.
    I don't think a working day has gone by without there being something to giggle at - as well as laugh at loud moments.
    Anyone who is telling you nursing isn't a great job obviously has no idea.
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    Well netglow that was interesting.... I actually have been an aide for 11 years but mind you I don't work with nurses... I am in a LTC center and we don't require them so I really have no clue what its like to be in a hospital or be a nurse.... Thats what we learn in school and I am not there yet.................

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