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If you could please share with me the positive things that you like about Nursing... I am constantly told that its not a great career and people don't like their jobs.. I am currently accepted for July start for BSN program but... Read More

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    I'm in psych. I love that I can work with some very fascinating psychiatric patients and their disorders. Even more, I love the fact that no two days at work are ever the same--it's never boring.

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    I don't know if love if the right word, it's a job, that I really enjoy most days. I make decent money, only work 3 days a week. Even in this economy I can still change jobs if I get tired of this one. I work in a hospital. You already know the hours nurses work, have seen the good bad and ugly. If it's what you want go for it!!!

    Good luck..
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    I love my job. After graduation I was lucky to get a job on a med surg floor on a local hospital. It is the most challenging, difficult job I ever had, but I feel it is very satisfying and rewarding. I learn every day I work.

    We are lucky to have fantastic preceptors, charge nurses and other experienced RNs to help bring us newbies around. The others nurses I started with and I have coalesced into a very supportive group and we help each other out as much as we can as we expand our skills and experience.

    The pay isn't bad either. I probably make about an extra 25% on top of my base pay due to bonuses, differentials and overtime.

    Good luck!
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    Quote from kmichalak

    what do you love about being a nurse?

    i love it that i actually do make a difference. the actions i take directly improve lives, and on occasion, save lives. it's stunning to realize you have saved someone's life.

    where do you work(hospital, ltc, etc..)?

    i work in a correctional facility.

    is your job rewarding to you?

    it is rewarding, but very frustrating almost every day.

    anything else you would like to share would be greatly appreciated!!

    my frustrations are mostly systems-related. i don't hate my management or hate my employer, even though i often feel hatred for certain things about my job. i don't hate the players, i.e. administration, the patients, etc. i "hate" the systems that create such significant challenges and problems in the workplace.

    i am just looking for some reassurance because being a nurse is what i would love to be!!!
    i love being a nurse, but i do understand the significant frustrations described. when i'm hating and seething about something related to my job, it's helpful for me to identify the root causes, which are mostly systems problems. try to be patient with those who seem negative on nursing - it could be you in a few years.
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    i love my work. i wouldn't be where i am without a good strong nursing education and twenty-five-plus years in hospitals. i haven't worked at bedside care for a long time and i am still a nurse, using the nursing process and nursing diagnoses in different settings (case management, legal nursing, life care planning). i work out of a home office, with people all over the country, i travel, i volunteer, i write, i spend entirely too much time on an :d, i wear whatever i want. i am a nurse, though, first and foremost. i think like a nurse all the time. i am a nurse all the time. i love it.
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    I dont "love" my job, the current status is I really really like my job
    I work in a LTC pediatric facility we also have some respite and surgical reovery kids as well. This is one job where I feel the facility actually lives out its mission giving medically fragile children the best lives possible, giving them a childhood. The staff is all there because they care about the kids, which make for some great co-workers, staffing is not bad.
    As a nurse I will have either 9, 20 or 40 kids depending on staffing and which unit I am at. However I have awsome med aides so I am not tied to a med cart, and even though it is LTC all of the CNA are CNA2 so they can do the GT feedings which frees me up to actually provide nursing care. And the CNAs have 6 kids days and eves and 10 at night so they can provide excellent care as well
    The only thing keeping me from Loving this job, is I still yearn for acute care experience
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    I love my job! I work in home health - private duty nursing. My patient is a baby. I work a 10 hour shift and have all 10 hours to devote soley to her needs because she is my only patient.

    The only drawback - the pay is not so hot.
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    i work in an operating room.
    i love a lot of things about being a nurse. let me tell you some.
    i love to look into a patient's eyes, and see the apprehension and fear, then take their hand in both of mine and while i warm their hand with mine, i smile my most confident, reassuring smile, and i tell them, you have a whole team of people who will be dedicated from now until your surgery is done to keeping you safe and making sure you have the best experience we can. this is what is going to happen. in a few minutes, your crna will give you some relax and forget medicine in your iv and bring you to the OR in this stretcher. i will be there, and i will introduce you to your team, but you aren't going to remember it. we are going to help you move to another bed, give you some nice warm blankets, and put a seatbelt and some sleeves on your legs that will massage them during the procedure. then i am going to hold your hand while you go to sleep for your surgery. you probably wont remember anything about even going into the room....

    i love turning to the patient's family and telling them, we are going to take good care of your mother/father/sister/husband etc. if you want to grab a snack or some coffee and go to the waiting room, i will give you a call after she has gone to sleep and we have prepped, positioned and draped, and are making incision. it will probably take about... minutes. i'll update you more when i call you.

    i love that moment right before the patient goes to sleep and they get a little nervous and squeeze me hand tightly, and i wrap their hand in mine and talk softly to them about their children, or the beautiful vacation they can dream about, and i love seeing the fear ebb away from their faces, then to feel their hand relax in mine as they drift into gentle sleep.

    i love the sudden flurry of activity when we are all working together as a team to set up the room and have everything perfect and ready for patient who is coming in for surgery.

    i love seeing everything come together, and knowing that we are taking every precaution to keep that vulnerable patient safe and comfortable, and comforting or reassuring the patient's family of the same.

    i love watching as the medical and nursing interventions help the patient heal before our very eyes.

    i love those moments when i have everything ready just before it is needed and i feel so on top of everything.

    i love when a doctor tells us how much he appreciates us as a team.

    i love when a patient wakes up and says, when are we going to do the surgery, and i grin in their groggy face and say its all done.

    i love the nurses, techs, cleaning staff, clerks, surgeons, vendors and everyone else who bonds together, even if we don't like each other any other time, to do the best job we can for that patient.

    i love my coworkers who come in with me in the middle of the night to help save someone's life, or deliver a baby, and grieve with each other at the rare tragedies and painful drama like advanced cancer diagnoses.

    i think i could go on for a while, but my kids need me. there are a lot of things that are difficult in nursing, and i have never understood why, but it isn't for everyone. but for me, it reaches deep into my soul and warms me.
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    Thank you so much for that awesome description and I think it is amazing that you are so passionate about your job.... Thats what kind of nurses we need out there!!!
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    Love it! Worked SNF, Rehab, Medsurge, now PCU, surgical, ICU and love it all, from day one! Had hard times, cried a little, but still loved, love and think will remain that way!

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