Choosing to be a nurse..

  1. After passing the board exam for nurses, the true challenges still awaits. Why? Of course we have to deal with the patients and doctors by ourselves only. Because we are certified and licensed to take good care of our patients. Simple challenges like choosing what area fits your skills, somehow newly graduates have no choice in there areas, the hospital staffs are putting us in an area and hopefully we would develop skills and grow as time change.As i was exposed to areas like M/S ward, I was happy to know, learn, handle and experienced different kind of diseases as well as interacting with patients and there families but when I was transferred to NICU, due to shortage of staff, I was afraid to take it. Honestly I am not a fan of pedia, but when the time comes that I was the one who's catching the baby, helping them to adjust in the surroundings. Its the most overwhelming at the same time bigger responsibility for in my skills and knowledge depends the beginning of an angel. Nursing has been a hard job and i myself witnessed and experience it. But at the end of the day, it was all worth it. Even what to what area you will be assigned in, nursing instinct will prevail. And I believed that choosing to be a nurse is an intelligent choice.
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