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  1. 3 I passed my CEN today. I put off taking it for 5 years. I should have done it way sooner. Go do ya'll
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    I know that is a relief. I just got my PCCN certification a couple months ago after putting certification off for years. I initially wanted to get my CCRN, but when I decreased my hours in the ICU when I started a new job, I gave that idea up. Ah well, we're certified now!
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    Congrats, what did you use to study for it?
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    Congratulations! Did you attend any CEN review courses? what materials did you use to prepare for it? I am planning to take it next year.
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    Congratulations Gonzo!

    I agree that it was a lot easier than I had thought it would be. I took a lot of practice tests and did ok, but the actual test was much easier than the practice. For those looking for a review, I used Pass CEN which was pretty good and another one I think by Mosby. Also, there are some practice questions online monthly through ENA. Don't forget that if you join ENA the test is cheaper - you can get membership and the test for about what the test alone would cost, plus you get a year of JofEN.
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    I bought a CEN study book. Went to the review 2 day class, and did the online ENA test (150 questions for 75.00). Did all the practice questions in the book. It was a great way to brush up on my general nursing knowledge, get some CE credits and generally review ER stuff.
    I did think the test was hard. But I made it.
    I shouldn't have waited so long to take it.
    Just go do it. Yeah
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    Congrats. Welcome to the club inside the club.
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    Congratulations, That's my dream......
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    Congrats!!!! What CEN book did you buy to study?