Can you find a job fast and easy if you're willing to re-locate? Can you find a job fast and easy if you're willing to re-locate? | allnurses

Can you find a job fast and easy if you're willing to re-locate?

  1. 0 I am willing to re-locate for a good nursing job, will this guarantee me a job fast and easy?
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    Not necessarily. You still have to find a job.Casting your net far and wide might make it a bit easier but it would be no guarantee.
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    Agree with loriangel14. There are jobs available if you are willing to relocate, and if you are willing to accept other than your "dream job."

    Good luck in your search.
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    Fast and easy? Probably not. It is more likely to find a job the farther you're willing to go.
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    No jobs come fast and easy anymore. You will find a job if you're open to location, shifts, and specialty area. If you're willing to work any shift, and if you're willing to work small towns, finding a job is not difficult. Many small towns and rural areas are in need of staff. It's the urban areas that are saturated with applicants.
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    While being willing to relocate could greatly improve your odds, it brings them nowhere near "fast" or "easy."

    Good luck with the job hunt.
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    When I started expanding my job search out of my State, I got hired by a couple of places within a couple of months.
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    NO such thing as a guarantee, but I got a job relatively quickly doing this
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    Seriously? No guarantees in life except . . well you know.

    Usually you need to look to areas that economically are doing better. Here's a couple of threads.