Being a Good Nurse Saved Time and Possibly... a life!

  1. I was called to a RRT (Rapid Response Team) where the nurse caring for the pt stated that they were having CVA Sx. We all arrived and sure enough, one pupil was large, flaccid on the left, slurred speech, and pt went from A & O x3 to totally disoriented.

    After the team decided to get her to CT to determine if it was hemorrhagic or not so to treat with TPA, they all walked out of the room. Meanwhile this pt is scared, not knowing where she is, why she is there, and doesn't recognize anybody in her room (all of who are staring at her of course).

    So I stayed with her to talk to her and re-orient her to why she was there in the first place, and explained what was going on, and what we were planning on doing for her.

    While I stood there talking to her, she got stiff, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she started convulsing. I called for the RRT team to get back in there, and they saw her doing this ... SO!!! Because I stayed to comfort her, I also witnessed a seizure which was cauzing CVA Sx!!!

    She did not actually have a CVA. And as it turns out, she has had seizures in the past but we did not know that, and they were sooo long ago, she had stopped taking her meds a few years ago too.

    I felt like a great nurse that day!
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  3. by   Whispera
    Yay for you!
  4. by   BreeLPN2RN
    I love happy stories!! You did great!!!
  5. by   kessadawn

  6. by   steelcityrn
    Yes, you did great! Maybe a strong suggestion to the team to never leave a patient with an acute onset of an undiagnosed medical condition be allowed. You have to wonder how many patients have been left alone during an episode that may have caused death. I say if it was my loved one or friend I would be so greatful to you that you stayed with this patient.
  7. by   RN in training
    stories like this remind me why i'm working so hard in school to become a nurse. awesome.
  8. by   Turd Ferguson
    nursing in action
  9. by   Fiveten
    Great job!

    And... as a new nurse I will say to you that there are likely so many other times that you do something right and nobody recognizes those (only point out things you may have missed). I want to recognize you for all the things you do right and don't get credit for!
  10. by   barbyann
    * pat on the back
  11. by   FranEMTnurse
    Way to go Adrea. Yes, you have a right to feel good about what you did. Had you not stayed with your patient, she nor the family may not have known what was really wrong with her, and even worse, possible injury.
  12. by   jessica.evans
    Your actions are what it is to be a nurse! Congratulations to you and great job on staying with the patient!!
  13. by   Meg, RN
    Way to go! That is so awesome! In nursing school they drilled "always stay with the patient" into our heads. It's so nice that even if no one else gives you a pat on the back, you know in your heart that you did the right thing. It reminds me of why I decided to become a nurse. Your story is so encouraging!
  14. by   kit1017
    being a good nurse= saving lives.