Been on nights for a month and...

  1. I like it! I am so surprised! I was very anxious about it for a long time, but am happy to report things are going well. I thought I would post to support those who have nights in their futures and are worried about it. You can do it!
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  3. by   Stephalump
    That's really good to hear! My mom always worked nights and you would've had to drag her kicking and screaming to the day shift.

    Do you have kids or a partner (or both?)
  4. by   cayenne06
    I've been on nights since March and I mostly like it. It is HARD to drag myself to work when my dh and kids are all snuggled in their bed, but I love the relative quiet and I have adjusted to sleeping during the day just fine. I definitely prefer the night shift, especially if you are only doing it 3 or 4 days a week. 5 days a week was too much for me.
  5. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    I thought I was rocking nights, too, one month in.

    Eight months in and I could kill someone.
  6. by   loriangel14
    I always thought I wouldn't like nights too but once I tried it I found I liked it.I am a terrible sleeper at night, but I found I can snooze just fine during the day.I also like working nights because it is quieter.No families, no managers,no doctors.
  7. by   BrandonLPN
    I loved the pace/quietness of nights. But it wrecked havoc on my body. I stopped working out and gained weight. I had no energy. I actually love 3-11. I can go out after work if I want, and sleep in the next day. I just wish it weren't so busy.
  8. by   missladyrn
    I love the night shift, I just hate what it does to the rest of my life.
  9. by   turnforthenurse
    Glad things are going well!

    I love nights but yes it does take a toll on your body...I end up with 4-5 days off in between so I switch back to a normal sleeping schedule but it can be hard doing that!
  10. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    I love working nights. Working days almost killed me!
  11. by   hiddencatRN
    Me too!
    I started working nights because there was less competition for signing up when I got orientation. And it turned out to be a great move, because I love night shift. It was hard to sleep during the day at first (I took tons pf benadryl and melatonin) but it's easy for me to fall asleep now without any assistance (although a beer every so often at the end of my shift doesn't hurt!).
  12. by   poppycat
    I've worked nights since 1975, when I was still in nursing school. I took a day job after I got married 5 years ago & I only lasted a month. I couldn't sleep at night & was too tired during the day so I went back to nights. This is my niche.
  13. by   sauconyrunner
    I'm glad you are liking it for the moment! It did just wreck me. But I would like to say, don't give up your exercise!
  14. by   jennilynn
    I wouldn't trade my night shift for anything right now.
    Day shift makes my head want to spin and explode.
    I prefer for my shifts to be 3 in a row but that's not always possible, but I deal with it.