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Been on nights for a month and... - page 3

I like it! I am so surprised! I was very anxious about it for a long time, but am happy to report things are going well. I thought I would post to support those who have nights in their futures... Read More

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    My husband works the night shift. He seems to like the night shift crew a lot better. Not a lot of micro-management.
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    I've worked nights for about 3/4 of my 20 year nursing career. I loved night shift. You really learn how to be a confident,self-sufficient nurse because there is less supervision. It does take a toll on your body though. Really important to eat right and exercise.
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    Awesome!! I am glad u like it. I to a, on nights, and at 1st I didn't like it at home. I have a family and I felt like I should be home at night with my family but so far it has worked out ok. I don't like the floor I'm on but the staff I work with helps me get my mind off me not liking the floor. I have only been on my own for 2wks ago I'm still trying to get in the groove of things. I'm trying to master organization and prioritizing. I believe it will come in due time. I'm glad you like nights. Continue the good work!!!