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Been nursing for half a century! - page 5

It's true! My very first day as a nurse was 1st September 1958! I trained at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in Norfolk, UK and upon finishing at the end of 1962, went into the orthopaedic... Read More

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    what a wonderful story from you.

    A great applause to all health workers like us
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    congratulations. My aunt is close to hitting half a century. Gonna throw a big party for her when that happens.
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    Would you mind do an interview for me for a leadership project I have for school? It's short, less than 10 questions. If so email me @

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    Gosh, Ms Daisees!! As I just recounted on a different thread, I trained as a 'Medic' in the US military in '65. Had a 'break in service' but became an RN in '80. So as a fellow old-timer who still finds caring for sick folks to be the best and most interesting thing to do -- congratulations to ya, Hun. Well done and keep going!!

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    Wow that's amazing.. as a side note I read your post with an English accent (not out loud of course)