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I like it! I am so surprised! I was very anxious about it for a long time, but am happy to report things are going well. I thought I would post to support those who have nights in their futures and are worried about it. You... Read More

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    What kid of sleep schedule do you follow? I just started nights and I HATE HATE HATE it, which is really bad because in my particular area there is an overabundance of nurses (rather than a shortage) and I'm very lucky to have my job (especially considering I'm a new grad) and my hospital definitely does not need day shift nurses right now, so I pretty much just have to suck it up and figure out a way to deal.
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    I work three 12 hour shifts per week. I try to work three on, four off. The day of my first night shift I try to take a nap in the afternoon. This usually doesn't work so well. Then I work that night, come home and take my 4 year old to daycare. I get home and go to sleep by 8am. I sleep till three or four, then get up, get my son, a make dinner. I leave around six for work. Repeat this until the morning after my last night. Then I sleep till one or two, wake up and will go to sleep with the family that night. Then I'm on days till my first night and the whole thing repeats.if I have trouble I'll take a Benadryl, but that is rare. I have darkening shades for my window, ear plugs and a fan, and eye covers
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    i prefer to work nights but can not always get all my shifts schrduled together. if i have more than 4 off i may switch to days. sometimes that is getting more and more difficult to do. once i do it, i realize how much i miss out on sleeping the day away and up all night watching tv .....
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    I go to nights in Sept. looking for a less chaotic shift but not looking forward to turning into a vegatable on my days off. Sigh... I prefer day shift but right now I'm grateful to just have a job...
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    I lasted 6 weeks on nights. I found a day job.
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    Where I work, night shift is just as busy as day. I have a new respect for night shift people now.
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    My husband works the night shift. He seems to like the night shift crew a lot better. Not a lot of micro-management.
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    I've worked nights for about 3/4 of my 20 year nursing career. I loved night shift. You really learn how to be a confident,self-sufficient nurse because there is less supervision. It does take a toll on your body though. Really important to eat right and exercise.
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    Awesome!! I am glad u like it. I to a, on nights, and at 1st I didn't like it at home. I have a family and I felt like I should be home at night with my family but so far it has worked out ok. I don't like the floor I'm on but the staff I work with helps me get my mind off me not liking the floor. I have only been on my own for 2wks ago I'm still trying to get in the groove of things. I'm trying to master organization and prioritizing. I believe it will come in due time. I'm glad you like nights. Continue the good work!!!