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I would be happy to hear from anyone here that started their career late in life, perhaps Nursing is a second career. For a number of reasons, I am seriously considering changing careers, and for a number of reasons am looking at... Read More

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    I have a classmate who started nursing prerequisites at age 50. got in @ 55! finished @ 58.
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    I graduated a month after my 50th birthday. My first career was 27 years of policework.
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    I'm 49 and I graduate in 2 weeks... With honors I might add! Can't wait to get a JOB!
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    I'd say don't let age stop you! I'm going to be 47 when I earn my ADN. (Second career) I could never have done this at 20. Parenting showed me that I CAN take care of people... Sometimes life takes us on an unexpected path.
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    I was 48 when I graduated. Started working in Sept. Still cant believe I am doing something I love so much! Never give up on your dreams!
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    I am 50 and I will be pinned on December 16. I have accepted a position as a nurse on the oncology floor at a local hospital .... yay!!

    I am also a breast cancer survivor (so far ; ) )...
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    That is great!!!!! I am still in my prereqs. I am 44 but hopefully soon I will be in the RN program. I do wish I had done this at 20. I hope to be a wonderful nurse and would have love to do this for many, many years. You are all an inspiration!!
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    This is so encouraging =)
    I'm 46 and hope to graduate Dec 2012.
    Looking forward to a fulfilling second career.
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    46 and graduating in June!!
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    So Nice to read all these posts on those starting this field later in life. It is very encouraging. Because I keep asking myself, can I really do this? Am I too old?

    I am just getting started. In fact I just decided to do this a few weeks ago. My compass test is on Monday (today is Saturday nite). In two months, I will be 51. I always wanted to be in the medical field, but never followed my dream. Wish me luck!
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