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I would be happy to hear from anyone here that started their career late in life, perhaps Nursing is a second career. For a number of reasons, I am seriously considering changing careers, and for a number of reasons am looking at... Read More

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    Hi! I am 42 with a husband and 5 children and I just finished nursing school last week! It was really tough but with my familyand friend support I made it! Good Luck!

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    LPN @ 47, RN @ 50. Retire in 24 months. YAY!
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    i think that that we are where we are at exactly the right time. i don't believe that I would be the competent nurse which I am becoming without the life experience I hav
    e had.
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    Going for Nursing pre-reqs age 36. Will get out of nursing school lord knows when, 40 maybe? I'm glad I decided when I did, I didn't have the discipline when I was younger that I do now. Experience is the key.
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    I am in the second semester of nursing school (ADN for RN) and I am 58 years old. I am a guy who has had lots of life experiences, and I relate to patients very well (I am a nurse's aide in a large hospital also) as I am of the same generation as many of my patients. Although I'm generally not given much credit for this from both fellow students, or co-workers most of all of them in their twenty-somethings, I honestly believe I have a certain amount of wisdom and insight that only life experience brings. I don't talk down to my patients or treat them like they are freaks, partly because I am one of them. Why did I wait this long to become a nurse? I have done many things over the years and I've been told by my "pilot in the sky" that it's time to do something that gives to others. Of course being paid well, a certain amount of job security, and amazing career opportunities are nice too, but then I am now inclined to believe that He had it all planned this way from the beginning. Psalm 139: "All the pages of the book that is my life were written before a day of them was ever lived".
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    Hi Todd

    I went back to school after my 40th birthday! Thought I would be the oldest person in my class. Not so. There are so many people changing their careers these days. I am now age 50. I work OR, recovery and preop. I work private duty, have my own business and do patient assessments. I recently started consulting a private practice for JCAHO recertification. No one ever asks how long I have been a nurse. I guess they assume that since I am older I must have been a nurse forever!
    I love what I do. My consulting business fee is $125 an hour. You have to have the confidence to do anything and to be able to challenge yourself.

    Your life experiences and past business experience help you with your new dream. I say go for it!
    Good luck!
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    I agree 100% this is so true
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    you are never too old to learn.
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    To nycrncares,
    How does one start a consulting biz?
    Who hires you and what do you offer?
    I'm interested in similar but have no idea how to get it going.
    Hope you dont mind my asking?
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    40 yrs old. Graduated 2 yrs ago. The oldest person in our graduating class was 65yrs old. She could run circles around anyone!
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