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I would be happy to hear from anyone here that started their career late in life, perhaps Nursing is a second career. For a number of reasons, I am seriously considering changing careers, and for a number of reasons am looking at... Read More

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    Went back to school at 50 and graduated at 53 with an RN...landed an awesome job at the facility I wanted...I am exhausted after 15 hr shifts...but love it and believe it was the best thing I've ever done for my self, my brain and my happiness.
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    That is awesome and inspirational!
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    I too went to nursing school late as a second career. After @20 years in logistics(transportation manager & warehouse manager) I needed more of a challenge and wished I had become a nurse years ago. My daughter (a new RN) talked me into trying the accelerated option and by God's grace I made it. Now with BSN for almost 2 years, still difficult to find job without lots of experience-frustrating. Guess I'll be in long term care for long time.
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    I'm 53 - will be 54 in January. I just went today to the Community College in my county to inquire about the nursing program there. Of course, if I can start classes by next week, I would have to re-take all my science courses I passed years ago, and possibly have to take an entrance exams for the college; i.e., english and math. I never had chemistry or micro biology, so would need to take those courses as well. It seems daunting to think about, but the thought of becoming a nurse has been with me for years and years. At present I am a Dental Assistant. I went to school for it 2 1/2 years ago and I thought THAT was tough! But I put this all in God's hands and pray that if it is His will for my life - I will soon find myself back in school part-time nights undergoing the long journey that will hopefully take me to a new career in nursing. Hopefully by the time I'm 56, I'll be a nurse! God bless to everyone!
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    what if one has a intellectual disability.......then life is not so full of achievements and accomplishments.
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    Did my "change of life" @ ~40 years old, and wishing I had done it twenty years earlier. Now, approaching twenty years later, I have no other regrets about my choice.

    The most difficult part about the change was coming from a profession that had absolutely nothing to do with Nursing, although being a volunteer EMT helped some, and was probably part of what prompted my decision.
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    Hello gettingbsn2msn:

    I am 45 years old and I'm a career changer as well. I have a BS & MBA in non-nursing disciplines and have thought I might be too old to go back an pursue a nursing degree. I will be applying to an ADN program (offered during evenings) and once I pass the boards, I intend to go straight into an RN-MSN degree program. I would love to become a nurse educator, however I'm leaving my options open. Glad you and others on this post had the courage to get back in the ring and tuff it out! Congratulations!!!!
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    I was also 44 when I started my BSN. Now I also have a MSN, am a nurse educator and doing a post-mater's NP (family and psych).

    You can do this! Just remember, the youngsters have liquid intelligence, but we have crystal intelligence (and life experience). Go for it!!!
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    I started my nursing career (college) @ 39. I was not even close to being the oldest in the class. I found that the older students did very well.!
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    I just wished the windows of opportunity are available for new nurses over 40.
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