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I've been out of nursing school for almost a year now. I was dismissed for failing two of my classes by less than one point in second semester. Since I have been out, I've been studying everything. I... Read More

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    I am so glad that you wrote this post on this very isssue. Its crazy but I went through the same ideal situation as far and the dismissal. We may have differnt reasons but still the same . The advice that you were given really inspires me in so many ways and confirms that I am doing the right thing by taking the proper steps in the process of getting back in nursing school. I have hopes of returning in the fall of next year due to the school that I'm applying to has one prerequisite that I have not yet taken. At this point of my journey I know exactly what I want and that is exactly what I will get. I have taken enough time to know but this is really no joke. I want this bad!!!!!! And I'm sure you do too so there's nothing stopping us but us. As the advice given below we just have to really believe in ourself and take the proper stride to get there.Thank you so much for touching on this subject because I have been searching for articles related to my situation for a while now and I think it was a sign that I stumbled upon yours. The advice was great I wish you the best of luck and I hope that once we are nurses in the future we can all look back on this week and we can both look back on this in think we almost gave up but we didn't because it was possible!!
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    I failed out of one school's RN program, I had to apply to another school, then I failed a class in the new school. I ended up retaking the class and finishing the ADN with honors. I worked med surg two years and now have been an ICU RN at a large level 1 trauma center for 2 years. I finished my BSN with a 3.95 GPA, i have my CCRN. I am now applying to CRNA school. Ive failed more times then i can count, if not for my failures I would not be able to succeed.
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    I feel very emotional by reading this . I have failed one class in nursing school and I m passing the second class barely making it . I don't know if I m going to make it . I m tired of nursing school after so many failures .failure in bsn then again this .i have only 3 class towards my associate . I'm alone in this boat . I don't know how much I cry every single day .Its tough lord .
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    I failed out of nursing school in 2008 & was simply devastated while already going through a difficult time in my life "Feeling like a failure" is such a detrimental & awful feeling. Support systems are huge! Please remember you're not alone & YOU are definitely not a failure... I don't want to blame nursing schools as I really believe in student responsibility, but have you considered that maybe your nursing school failed you? Really think about it Did they let you down when you really needed help the most? For a profession that emphasizes such great ideals of flexibility, understanding, and support <--did you receive all those from your school? I started seeing a therapist because I so desperately wanted to return to nursing school & she asked me that question: "don't you think [school name] really failed you as a student?" She reminds me of this all the time when I blame myself for "being a failure." Your story is unique & only you know what your particular nursing school experience was like...

    I returned to nursing school this year & while the feelings of failure creep in from time to time, I remind myself that nursing is my dream and that I deserve to be in my BSN Program. It's definitely possible to return to nursing school I put off applying for years because I thought my grades were too poor; I won't get in anywhere; I've already failed out, who would want to even hire me as a nurse? Don't be your own worst enemy I've thought of every negative emotion, scenario, and possibility under the sun and it definitely isn't helpful haha You can make your return to nursing school a whole new & positive experience in comparison to your last one. Thinking about barriers to my learning in nursing school the first time around was really difficult and overwhelming (quite frankly it still is). Only you know what those are & you need to trust your abilities that they won't happen again I never believed it myself for myself: that I could succeed in nursing school... definitely "other, better, smarter students" could... but not me... Don't be like me If being a nurse is your dream - - go for it & don't look back.
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    *Wanting it bad* will set you apart in everything you do especially in nursing! Being academically dismissed from my first nursing school has given me more passion, empathy, and understanding than I would've ever had otherwise. I thought long and hard about whether or not nursing was "the right fit for me." The more reading I did about various professions and other work experiences I acquired only made this more obvious... Nursing was the perfect profession for me. I'm now back in school: my professors & peers comment on my determination and caring more than I ever would have imagined... When you want something badly & you've faced adversity in the process, you're a force to be reckoned with whether you know it or not Be kind to yourself AND trust that you can do this!
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    I am sorry to read this these posts. I was in RN school over 25 yrs ago. Nursing has change and I would like to think so had nursing schools, but from these post I guess they have not. nasty instructors and strict schools does nothing to move the profession of Nursing forward. I am presently completing MSN in Education and I would like to think I have something to give my students that will be them comfortable and feel successful going forward with their education.
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    What you are doing is so important, TRAVELNURSE2 You're seriously going to make such a difference in not only your students' academic & nursing careers, but of course, their lives by showing them what learning is really all about. This is something they will take with them outside the classroom & be their source of encouragement when they're not feeling their most confident at whatever life throws their way. At any age, having a teacher who believes in you and supports you as you learn can change everything.

    I hope to earn my MSN in Nursing Education one day & do some travel nursing as well - - you're a wonderful role model! Thanks so much for posting!

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