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I've been out of nursing school for almost a year now. I was dismissed for failing two of my classes by less than one point in second semester. Since I have been out, I've been studying everything. I feel like I have learned more... Read More

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    I remember that feeling. I'm so sorry you are going through this. The best thing you can do is continue to work toward your goal. For example, register for a CNA course and pass that exam. I also found some volunteering opportunities, retirement homes, hospice care. In these capacities you will be in a "volunteer" role but you will still be dealing with patients which will continue your familiarity and ease in working with patients. Whatever subject you did not pass find a tutor usually offered through your school. Keep yourself involved in the healthcare field in some capacity until you can get back into a program. Of the many veteran nurses I've spoken to I continually hear that some of the best nurses they've worked with had failed some portion of a nursing program and came back that much stronger. You have to really want this. If you do, then find ways to strengthen your process through the program. Reach out for help when you are struggling. I found a tutor for my ICU theory class that was so helpful. If you plan to reapply to the program see if there is a counselor at the school you can talk to. Perhaps they have some suggestions for reference books, websites to help you with understanding subjects you are struggling with. Ex: Ed 4 nurses you tube helped me understand ABG's better.

    Remember this is just the 1st challenge you will face. Nursing school is tough but you can do it if you want it bad enough. Don't give up!
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    So long story short last semester (fall 2012) I underwent some very traumatic experiences with my grandfather while in nursing school. He was diagnosed with COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, and his dypsnea is so bad he can barely make it to the bathroom without falling over or passing out. Because I have a CNA certification from high school, I moved into grandparents house to devote my time to them. I passed all my nursing classes with "B's" but made a "C-" in anatomy and phisiology 2. You have to pass with a "C" in this program so I basically can't continue nursing school until the following spring semester. I was destraught because of this and went to the professor and spilled this story to him and of course he didn't do anything (he is known at this school for failing the nursing students to make himself feel better because he couldn't cut medical school). Since then I have summited an appeal to the SON but I haven't heard anything and my advisor says not to change my schedule until they hear something from the committee reviewing my case. In the meantime what do you guys recommend and I would greatly appriciate any positive advice for me.
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    @Curtis6556, the professor you went to will be really after you since you filed an appeal to overturn his decision. He will probably find a way to flunk you in a course or a clinical checkoff.
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    Quote from vanillavirtue
    @Curtis6556, the professor you went to will be really after you since you filed an appeal to overturn his decision. He will probably find a way to flunk you in a course or a clinical checkoff.
    Its not really an appeal to him, I am going to retake the class but the problem is that I have to essentially pause nursing school till I retake it. My appeal is to allow me to do both in one semester so I don't get behind.
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    This happened to me:

    Failed in my 3rd year of nursing school, had to transfer to a different school, curriculum changed, had to repeat 4 years of school so that's a total 7 years of studying for me. I could have been a doctor lol

    Passed the local boards in the Philippines for the first time, almost got into the top10 highest scoring people out of 50k grads who took the test.
    Passed NCLEX-RN first time.

    Now just looking for a nursing job.
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    I failed nursing. I was okay in theory, and the demos, but during practicum I failed. Now I feel like a complete failure, and it hurts everyday. I took the LPN program. It's hard to go back now, as my son is five. It is just hard for me to accept and move on with life. I feel like I should try again, but am afraid what if I fail again? I could handle the harsh reality of how hard school is, but I have a hard time dealing with cold, insensitive people.
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    We have a few people who drop into a different tract. Like LPN and then LPN to RN. If I failed now and became a LPN, I'd get credit for some classes as the tracts combine.
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    I had failed the LPN program. I might of been suffering from anxiety. Aside from that, my instructure had power trip issues and was feeding off the drama going on in our group. Now, i`m just picking up the pieces of what I left behind.
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    How are you doing now?
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    I did. I had a lot of family things going on about halfway through my program and was dismissed (my own fault, for sure). I went back and come hell or high water, I was determined to pass. And I did, exceptionally. I was one of the first in my class to be offered/accept an RN position prior to even graduating, and I passed my boards on the first try with flying colors. I have a few friends who have identical stories to mine. It's definitely doable, and once you have your license, no one cares about nursing school-- the fact is that you're a nurse. And you WILL be. Don't let it discourage you. I found that a lot of my instructors treated me differently and respected me a lot more once I returned because they know how difficult and courageous it is to come back. You can do it!!!!

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