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I've been out of nursing school for almost a year now. I was dismissed for failing two of my classes by less than one point in second semester. Since I have been out, I've been studying everything. I... Read More

  1. by   c.kelly20
    I did. I had a lot of family things going on about halfway through my program and was dismissed (my own fault, for sure). I went back and come hell or high water, I was determined to pass. And I did, exceptionally. I was one of the first in my class to be offered/accept an RN position prior to even graduating, and I passed my boards on the first try with flying colors. I have a few friends who have identical stories to mine. It's definitely doable, and once you have your license, no one cares about nursing school-- the fact is that you're a nurse. And you WILL be. Don't let it discourage you. I found that a lot of my instructors treated me differently and respected me a lot more once I returned because they know how difficult and courageous it is to come back. You can do it!!!!
  2. by   swansonplace
    I had a friend fail a nursing class, and she transferred to a different college which she just graduated from.

    Also, I had failed a class, and I also finished successfully. On my break, I took some background classes I had not taken, and that made it more difficult for me: Into to Psych, Abnormal Psych, Growth and Development, College Success. I also read and tested on the material that I had failed, so when I went in again, I had the needed background, study skills, and basic knowledge. I also took a nursing skills class to make sure I was up on all of my skills. When I completed nursing school, I finished the exit exam with a score of 98%.

    I changed the way I did things. In the program, I purchased Hurst Reviews, and Feuer. I listened to both. Also, I did have trouble in advance med surg, but I got help right away, and I was able to complete with top scores.

    So Yes, it can be done. Just need to find out why you had difficulty, and put in a plan to handle it.
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  3. by   msjoyce19
    I also failed my fundamental class just a month ago and I have to repeat the whole class again next year (Fall 2014). It's really heartbreaking up to this time to think that I have work hard to pass the TEAS 5. I also gave up my job in the middle of the quarter and this is what I got. I know I have one more chance but right now, it's been tough. It's been hard to get up and start all over again. But God is still good because I just had a care-giving/med-aid job today. I hope that I will also become successful in the future.
  4. by   krisiepoo
    not me personally, but at our school if you fail a class you can "resequence" into the program the next time that class comes up. This happens often apparently and many graduate... you can only do it once
  5. by   tupamoto
    Which school is this that you can take LPN-Nclex?I am looking for one like this attempt LPN Nclex, since I failed an RN while I had only one class remaining to graduation.
    please help.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from tupamoto
    Which school is this that you can take LPN-Nclex?I am looking for one like this attempt LPN Nclex, since I failed an RN while I had only one class remaining to graduation. please help.
    Many states do not offer this option you need to check with the state board of nursing. In CA this might be possible but in NJ it's absolutely NOT a possibility. Some schools offer an early out built into the program and you would be well aware of this option however not usually an option in a school just because you failed out. Some people take offense as the NCLEX-PN and an LPN license are not a consolation prize.
  7. by   Nurse2b7337
    OMG i know the .02 of a point misery!!!! This happened to me and I just about died. This thread is very refreshing and motivational. It hurts to see everyone else move on and you don't. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. by   FutureRNx3
    I am currently in your situation, do mind sharing with me where you applied and attended after you were dismissed? PLEASE.
  9. by   strawberryluv
    I am going back to retake a particular clinical rotation. I really really hope I pass this clinical.
    Please, someone pray for me!
  10. by   Megumi28
    Have you been successful with applying to another nursing school. If you live in the NYC area which school were you able to apply to which gave you that second chance at your dream?
  11. by   dream61792
    For me I failed the first semester of a ASN program (one class). I had the option to retrack back into the program. For personal reasons I decided instead to go for my BSN. I got letter from the dean stating that I was in Good Academic Standing. Then got accepted into a BSN program. Now I am in my third semester with two more to go! Everything happens for a reason.
  12. by   Fearless_leader
    I'm glad to see this thread is still going on. I really needed to read this post. I too failed my first class. I decided to try other nursing programs but, none of them made me feel comfortable. I can only explain it like buying a good pair of shoes you know the kind that looks great on your feet, and feels so dam good your like oh yeah... I'm going to funk these!! Lol that's how I feel about the program am in.

    On the other hand I'm like yikes.... because I'm at one of the strictest campuses out off the whole entire college system in my county. I can do strict but sometimes it is way... to overboard. That played a huge part in me coming back to this school. However; I decided to bite the bullet. Now I can move forward. I will start in January 2015 a year later.

    "Failure is the opportunity to begin again this time more wisely". Henry Ford.

    God Bless everyone on this thread and don't give up on your dreams.
  13. by   s.hooker
    I am so glad that you wrote this post on this very isssue. Its crazy but I went through the same ideal situation as far and the dismissal. We may have differnt reasons but still the same . The advice that you were given really inspires me in so many ways and confirms that I am doing the right thing by taking the proper steps in the process of getting back in nursing school. I have hopes of returning in the fall of next year due to the school that I'm applying to has one prerequisite that I have not yet taken. At this point of my journey I know exactly what I want and that is exactly what I will get. I have taken enough time to know but this is really no joke. I want this bad!!!!!! And I'm sure you do too so there's nothing stopping us but us. As the advice given below we just have to really believe in ourself and take the proper stride to get there.Thank you so much for touching on this subject because I have been searching for articles related to my situation for a while now and I think it was a sign that I stumbled upon yours. The advice was great I wish you the best of luck and I hope that once we are nurses in the future we can all look back on this week and we can both look back on this in think we almost gave up but we didn't because it was possible!!