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I've been out of nursing school for almost a year now. I was dismissed for failing two of my classes by less than one point in second semester. Since I have been out, I've been studying everything. I... Read More

  1. by   audreyrasmusson
    Good for her! And I hope she is "unable" to help when her family wants free nursing advice and care. Nobody deserves to be treated the way your friend was and I'm so glad she made it.
  2. by   audreyrasmusson
    I hope things are much better for you now, that your cancer is back in remission and that you are in a position to think about an LPN program. Personally, I think the fact that you did as well as you did under those circumstances is just another indication that you are a very good candidate for nursing school. You failed nursing school, true, but you were in a situation where it was very hard for you to listen to your better judgment-- sure, you were sick, but you were afraid to stop because you are trying to support your children. So, acknowledge the poor judgments-- as you already have-- and stop beating on yourself for it. In my opinion, the nursing school failed you and exercised even poorer judgment when they stuck to their policy inflexibly. It's hard to imagine a case more compelling than yours, so I wonder if their "appeal" process was not just form over substance, with them never agreeing to readmit people who had failed two courses.
  3. by   azirasalab
    Good day everyone! I am a recent BSN graduate fom Philippines. I really would not be able to take the licensure exam. So now I am currently looking for CNA or a caregiver job opportunity in US, how can I get a CNA certificate? and I am also planning to take the nursing aid exam but I don't know how. Anyone can help? Your respond will be very much appreciated. GODbless!
  4. by   phrozenone
    WOW!!!!! I'm so glad I ran across this thread!!!! All of you are soooo positive and motivating!!! I'm in the same situation, failed out about 2 years ago and now in the process of applying to get back in....hopefully this fall.
  5. by   tiredstudentmom
    I was so thrilled to get back into the VN program, but things took a different turn this time around... Clinicals did NOT go well and I chose to withdraw from school. Now I'm looking at being a medical assistant again and possibly a private school for LVN. Glad that this thread has continued on. My own confidence had diminished to almost nothing and I second guessed myself all the time. So here I am, at a crossroads, of school vs. work or school AND work at the private school w/ part-time VN program. Hmmm so much to weigh in on...
  6. by   Nurse_Sherlock
    Quote from SharonNNP-BC
    Yes indeed I am a nursing school flunky! I failed my 2nd med surg clinical portion! But I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be a nurse, so I went back a year later (a lot more humble and scared). Much like you, I used the year to review course contents and brush up on my skills. I wish I could say that I graduated cum laude (i didn't), but I did meet some of the best friends a girl could ever have. Plus the year I was supposed to graduate, jobs were tight in our region. a lot of nurses struggled to find one and most ended up in areas that were not the area they wanted to be. When I graduated, I got a position in a great unit (where I stilll am today), working with just the population that I had dreamed of (in the NICU). That was 13 years ago. Since then, I have been nominated for nurse of the year, and I went back to school and recieved my masters degree. I am now a neonatal nurse practitioner, a job I probably never would have reached for, had I not failed out of nursing school.
    So hold your head up high, and keep working toward your goals :-)
    I am so happy to have read your story! I am in a very similar position now and didn't think it was possible. Seeing that someone else has done it makes me so hopeful, I teared up when I read you got a job in the NICU and went on to become a NNP. This is exactly what I've always wanted to do and almost gave up on. It really seems to me that God blessed you with the very position you've always wanted because you did not give up. I'm telling you this helped me soo much! I just needed to hear it could be done. It gives me the motivation to do what I know needs to be done. Thank you!
  7. by   ellesbelles
    Has anyone failed partly because you were screwed over by an instructor? How'd you overcome it? Did you succeed second time around?
  8. by   ellesbelles
    I failed nursing school by a decimal, with two and a half months to graduation. Partly due to being screwed over by a ghetto, insecure, vindictive instructor with an inflated ego. I don't have time for that to happen again. How can I be successful?
  9. by   seanynjboy
    I was in Nursing school in 2007 and I left (did not withdraw in time so I got an F) to go to another school for pharmacy but realized a few years later that I didn't want to do that. So I went back to nursing school and now I have 2 semesters left for my associates.

    CAN'T WAIT!!!
  10. by   debarose
    As a 33 year old adult going back to school I am terrified . I have always struggled. I have never been a very good student. But I keep my hopes up and my head high. Yes the LVN program will be very difficult for me but its not impossible. I have to get it this time. I have a previous Bachelor's Degree but its in Women's Studies so its practically useless!! I am a previous CNA and enjoy my work very much. In CNA class I did very well. I scored well on the exam and the practical at the skilled nursing facility. But this is going to be one year of academic discipline for me! I know I have read on this forum to go and get the RN but I want to achieve the LVN first. One step at a time for me. San Jacinto looks at me with a frown as my GPA is average and not the best, the counselors were telling me to reconsider. But I really want to be a nurse! So I have to go and get it! I have already ordered myself a HESI book that I constantly look over with studying, flash cards and noted from class. The people on this site have been very helpful. I count on this forum for support and motivation. My family thinks this will be a another waste degree I want to prove them wrong!
  11. by   RNfaith331
    I would urge you to reconsider the BSN program as this is the push in the medical industry. If you have a previous degree you may qualify for an accelerated program. These are often designed for students with a degree in an unrelated subject. They usually require several prereqs so will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the new terms, subjects, etc…. The HESI booked helped. Most people like to review their math and earth sciences. Good luck, and don't let anyone spoil your dream. It's all you now.
  12. by   solefootcare
    I hear you... As i was in simulair situation as yourself . As it took me three times pull through LPN program... Rather than looking at through eyes failure i tried keep open mind look at these moments as learning opportunities ... If this something really want to achieve you will... What i found helpful for me were written goals for exams not comparing my success with others as we each have strong attributes special qualities let your strength shine , believe in yourself , sky limit , last words i want share with you was RN who tutored me in anatomy were "rome was not build in day", either r nurses..... We learn through time and experience this not area text book can teach us... Hang in there .... Follow your dreams as u will achieve this with perseverance
  13. by   RNfaith331
    I wanted to add that I did get tutors for any subject I wasn't really comfortable with. It made a world of difference. Many times they've even taken the course with the same professor which really helps because they know the teaching style, the material expected, and the testing style. Whatever you do don't give up now. Sometimes we are tested in life to see how deep our convictions are, how bad do you want this? You can do this. Reach out for help to get you through the rough spots and you'll make it.

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