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I've been out of nursing school for almost a year now. I was dismissed for failing two of my classes by less than one point in second semester. Since I have been out, I've been studying everything. I feel like I have learned more... Read More

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    Sometimes the best nurses are the ones who have to repeat, is what my mentor told me. When u repeat it allows more to sink in that may not have the first time. I failed my very last med-surg class by 3 questions on a 200 question final. I was required to audit all previous classes before retaking that one. It was so hard to retake all those tests and listen to all those lectures again but I did and it was well worth it. I graduated, passed boards on my first try without any problems and I now enjoy the career I had always dreamed of. Nursing has to be in your heart and if it is then dont waste any more time. Go back, graduate, pass boards and start your career. Good luck
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    YES! In my program we have to have an 80% to move on to the next quarter. I recieved a 79.8%!!! I failed out and of course layed in bed for a few days and cried but got back up. I worked for a year and went back the next year. I am going to graduate this June I do believe everything happens for a reason and I have total faith in you that you can go back and finish! I think alot of it has to do with attitude also. Have a positive attitude going back!
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    I failed RN school twice before I finally got my LVN and now I'm back in RN school (I was young, dumb, and preferred my 4-wheeler to my books).

    We just had a helluva Med-Surg test today, so...I might be staying a LVN for a while depending on my grade lol. Our program requires you to have a 75 or better to pass, although they do round up so really it's a 74.5
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    I failed by one question on my dosage calculation test and was dismissed from the program. I have applied to various RN programs with no success, it's been a years so far and I feel discourage at times but believe that this is my purpose in life, which is what is keeping me going. So now I'm in the process of getting into LVN school and after that i want to take the Indiana State University Online program, God willing. Sometimes you have to take a different route to get to where you want to go.
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    Experience as a LVN has been a big help to me. During LVN school, experience as a PCT was the same help. Being in a work environment, seeing, and doing these things gives you a major advantage. Find a good crew to work with who will teach you (the right way).
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    I left a 4 yr nursing college due to finances. Went on to a community college and failed out (needed 76% to pass I had a 74.5). Became depressed, gave up on college. I'd always thought I was smart in school, but college was my down fall. My mom refused to allow me to slip into depression and failure, she paid cash for 3 comm. college courses. Made me go. I looked up a nursing school I was interested in, (It was a nursing/allied health university,. It had an ASN program with an option to continue on to obtain a BSN and MSN). I went to the community college, took Biomedical ethics, English Comp II and Algebra. I MADE "A's" IN ALL THREE CLASSES. My confidence went THROUGH the roof. I couldn't believe I wasn't dumb after all. I could actually pass a college course with more than a C -all I had to do was realize HOW to apply myself. Well, I applied to the ASN program at that Nursing/Allied health course, and made As and Bs, got my ASN, failed boards, took boards again, PASSED, continued on in BSN courses at the college and to this day, I've been an RN for 5 yrs, I've had my Bachelors degree for the last 3.
    My mom enrolled into my school and she and I obtained our Bachelors together. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. She's been a RN for almost 20 some-odd years now.
    DEFINETLY GO BACK. It's nothing but time and preseverence. Times gonna pass anyway. You might as well pass the time by achieving your goal!!!
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    Yes, I am one who believe in second chances. If you want to be a nurse apply to a school that is not so fast paced. Like one nurse said, you can go to a ADN program, get a good mentor or someone that has completed a program. If you have problems you can always email me. I don't mind helping any Best of luck to you.
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    Thank you guys. I really needed the encouragement.
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    Thank you
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    Yes indeed I am a nursing school flunky! I failed my 2nd med surg clinical portion! But I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be a nurse, so I went back a year later (a lot more humble and scared). Much like you, I used the year to review course contents and brush up on my skills. I wish I could say that I graduated cum laude (i didn't), but I did meet some of the best friends a girl could ever have. Plus the year I was supposed to graduate, jobs were tight in our region. a lot of nurses struggled to find one and most ended up in areas that were not the area they wanted to be. When I graduated, I got a position in a great unit (where I stilll am today), working with just the population that I had dreamed of (in the NICU). That was 13 years ago. Since then, I have been nominated for nurse of the year, and I went back to school and recieved my masters degree. I am now a neonatal nurse practitioner, a job I probably never would have reached for, had I not failed out of nursing school.
    So hold your head up high, and keep working toward your goals :-)
    A tip for writing the letter (most schools want a letter to be submitted for re entry candidate), talk about how the failure has made your realize even more how much you want to be a nurse. Tell them about the studying that you have been doing since you have been out of school. Highlight what is going to change if you are accepted back into the program, give them a plan on how you are planning for success (be it extra skills lab practice or more structured studying). Also be sure to work with your instructors, before you get into trouble. If you don't understand something go to office hours to have it clarified. Finally try to do as many NCLEX type questions as you can, get the books that have the rationale for the answer. Most instructors try to gear their test like the NCLEX ones. Often test questions have answers which are all correct, but you must be able to pick the most correct or highest prioity, the rationale will help you with this. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS
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