Anybody knows a way to check if you passed the NCLEX in California?

  1. Ive taken my NCLEX about two weeks ago. The day after took my exam, I was confident about how I fared. Then , as the days pass by, Im beginning to doubt if I ever pass. Im getting to be anxious and always thinking of doomsday about to befall me. CA doesnt have any quick view result, and I was informed it will take about 2-4 weeks for me to get the result. I know lot of you have felt the same way I do while waiting for the result. I feel like I just wanna get it over with, pass or fail, so I can get on with my life. Any help?
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  3. by   Redsox07
    check the board's website for perm. license verification. i think their address is look for the link on the left margin. also you can just call and ask them. say something like, "i want to know if i should be celebrating this weekend," and if you pass they might tell you- have a good weekend', or they could just tell you that they can't say anything which could mean pass or fail. i know a few friends who called and were told 'enjoy your weekend'.

    also, you could check to see that the board has received all the paperwork from school. either way try your best not to worry, it's out of your hands now. you will find out you passed one day or another.
  4. by   suzanne4
    CA has two very distinct and separate boards, actually the one that covers the LVNs is no longer called a Board, but it referred to as a Bureau and is now under the Dept of Consumer Affairs as of July 1 of this year.

    Not sure which exam that you took since it was not mentioned. If the PN exam, then results are mailed out about a month after testing, and if they are busy, can be up to six weeks or so. You will not see your name on their website as the license is not paid for until you pass the exam and receive the bill in the mail and they receive payment.

    For the RN exam, the average wait time can be about ten days. We have seen earlier but that is not the routine for all. CA BRN will permit a new grad to test before they have a completed file on them provided that the student's name is on a roster submitted by the school. They are unable to release the results until the file is complete and this can sometimes take up to a month. If it has been two weeks and you wrote the RN exam, then we recommend that you contact the BRN to see what is missing from your file, they will not contact you.

    They are actually unable to give results over the phone in any way, shape, or form; and can be subject to losing their jobs over it. They have no idea if you are really who you state that you are, so this just makes legal sense. Whatever information it given over the phone has no legal bearing on anything.

    Best of luck to you.