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I'm looking for inspiration. Currently a cna in an impoverished neighborhood waiting to take my nclex. My only dream is to move me and my children out. I was wondering if anyone had a pretty hard time that was alleviated by... Read More

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    Not really...just went from rags to nicer rags.
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    I'm a brand new RN graduate (December 2012), passed my boards, and already landed my first job (start next month).

    I'm usually one to just browse these boards, read the threads, admire the diversity, feel the camaraderie, and feel part of something much greater than myself.

    But this thread brings me great happiness.

    This is my first post. Keep truckin' y'all.

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    Keep dreaming about rags to riches!!! Just have to keep working hard!
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    You can do it! I grew up dependent on food stamps and housing with my mom who was a single parent of two. When I was 20 my mom passed and I continued to put myself through college working 2+ jobs constantly. Before nursing school I applied for financial aid but was denied because my dad made too much money even though he wasn't around. So did I give up?? No. I petitioned it! TONS of hurdles and obstacles (including living off Ramen noodles most of 2nd semester, broken car, you name it.) stood in my way but 2 years later I have two beautiful letters after my name as well as a job that pays more than I think I deserve.
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    Sometimes I feel like my life is perpetually stuck at the very beginning of a rags to riches story....
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    I grew up in a pretty bad area, my high school was a "F" school with routine fights, stabbings, you name it. Grew up on government cheese and raisins. It all turned around when I became a LPN right out of high school a couple of years ago. Well let me tell you, it was a life saver. Since then, I have gone on and completed my BSN and am now working towards getting into grad school. Just keep on.
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    Idk if its exactly rags to riches, but here is my story.
    I went to a predominantly white school and was one of very few black people at my school. Everyone was quite encouraging of everyone else about going to college and getting a degree but it seemed most of our dreams were brushed off like unobtainable goals. Anyways during high school there was even a counselor that told me I was gonna end up in the system and she was gonna have to support me...

    Anyways, I went to college for nursing, graduated in exactly 4 years, recieved a full ride scholarship, and was on food stamps for half of the time I was in college ( there is nothing wrong with food stamps!). I dont believe that if you recieve government assistance it will be harder, if anything it has helped get to were I am today. I started to work as a nurse assistant my sophomore year of college and no longer recieved assistance. I paid for my rent, car, etc. out of pocket and I dont feel it has been harder without the gov. assistance.

    Dont be to proud to not except the help out there. Most grants and scholarships though the state is gov. assistance, so why not get those scholarships and improve yourself if they are willing to help you. Also with you havin kids you will get that much more assistance to help you get through school. Just know that there will come a time that you wont be able to work like you use to while in nursing school and those are the times gov. help will come in handy. I would much rather feed my family then to be to proud and let them starve.

    Ok Ive finished ranting, hope this helps.
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    Rags to Riches??? You better believe it!!! I went from working 64 hours a week to 2 12-hour shifts per week. My time is my own. I can wear my RAGS anytime I want now instead of being in uniform the majority of the week! That is MY definition of rich!!!

    Of course, I can now buy Spring-fresh Gain to keep the RAGS clean and smelling good! Here's to living the good life!!!
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    Just pass the darn test and you wont regret it, ever lol I am in my 20s and I have gone places with this liscence already.
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    What is the deal with guidance counselors? Mine told me that I would never get into nursing with my grades too! She told me to pursue something else. Sure, it took me a few years...but where am I now? Nursing school! Suck it!

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