Any new nurses escape the floor successfully ??? Any new nurses escape the floor successfully ??? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Any new nurses escape the floor successfully ??? - page 3

Hello Allnurses, I was wondering if there were any newer nurses that have found positions in other areas besides floor nursing and have been successful in that area. I have <1 year of experience... Read More

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    I have changed jobs at least 12-15 times in my 12 years in nursing, and finally I have found my home Get all the experience you can, is my advice
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    I have worked in med-surg, LTC and have been a case manager for hospice for almost 2 yrs. I would love to get away from bedside nursing. I have never been happy doing it and wish someone would tell me how to get out of bedside nursing!! Not my thing!!
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    Does this apply to ADN nurses as well?? What are the limitations if any?? Thx in advance