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Hello Allnurses, I was wondering if there were any newer nurses that have found positions in other areas besides floor nursing and have been successful in that area. I have <1 year of experience... Read More

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    Quote from chybabe
    Started off as a floor nurse right out of school and knew it was not for me but hung in there for a while to get the experience. I also did psychiatry/mental health and loved it but d/t circumstances could not continue on. Now i'm into pharmaceuticals and i'm so loving it. Its nothing like floor nursing. Goodluck getting what you want and just know that as a nurse, you have so many options to choose from!

    Do you mean sales of pharmacueticals? If not, then what?
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    I had under a year on the floor when a school nursing position fell into my lap, and I jumped on it. It is often not recommended to get into school nursing without a good bit of hospital, preferably peds, experience, but I had strong assessment skills, a great support system at my district, and I read everything I could get my hands on. It was still a steep learning curve, but I'm still here and loving it. I will never work another day on the floor unless I have no other way to put food on the table, and if I have things my way I will retire from my current position in a couple dozen years. I love it!
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    Wow thank you all so much for sharing your stories and giving me the motivation!

    @ times I feel like I'm planning a prison break. I love nursing, but just not the aspect I'm in. I am looking to transition into public health, I'm excited about the opportunities that have come fourth. Hopefully soon I will be working for the county health department. It's scary transitioning and starting over especially when I'm starting to feel so comfortable, but I'm convinced that I will be in this position for years to come.

    Please continue to share stories and expand on what types of jobs you all do outside of floor nursing. With the amount of work I do on the floor and the stress level, I'm way underpaid.

    Thanks in advance
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    I just got off float pool and went to a wound clinic! Love getting away from the 12s and going to 8s, plus having weekends and all major holidays off to be with my kids. I have been at the wound clinic for a month and even though I went from 3 days to 5, I love it! It seems hard to find these jobs.. good luck!
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    Question to the person doing pharmaceutical nursing. What is that like as a nurse? What do you do?
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    I worked 9 months of med-surg right out of nursing school. 12 hour night shifts. YUCK! Although I dreaded every minute of it, I will never regret my time because of all of the great experience I earned. Pharmacology was really tough for me in school and it was a really good chance for me to learn common medications. I now work in an outpatient procedures department AND LOVE IT!! Just check job postings at your hospital often and eventually you'll be done with floor nursing.
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    Quote from Delag5
    Question to the person doing pharmaceutical nursing. What is that like as a nurse? What do you do?
    I mostly do health assessments/physicals on new donors to determine if they are eligible to donate plasma. I do a lot of infection control/infectious disease teaching and counselling. I also manage donor adverse events that occur during plasma donation. I learn so much everyday that i couldn't ask for a better JOB!
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    thanks everyone for sharing your experiences......very informative..
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    I would love some updates to this thread! I'm interested in plotting my escape as well.... LOL
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