A Newbie RN's Greeting, Story and Thanks to AN!

  1. Hello everyone!! I'm not new to allnurses but am relatively new to posting. I wanted to write and thank all of the wonderful nurses, students, etc who take the time to post advice and encouragement - this site has been a wonderful resource!
    In addition to thanking you all, I would like to share my story and give back advice! I'm sorry in advance for how lengthy this will be!

    A little background: I was raised by a single Mom who (somehow!) managed to work and obtain her RN degree while I was just a baby. That was in the 80's and I'm now 28 with my own RN degree as of this past May. I can now fully appreciate what she went through! I've often felt most people who become nurses know from a young age that this is what they want to do. I am the opposite. I finally decided I wanted to be a nurse in 2008 and immediately began working towards my goal. My mom was so proud and even helped me (along with my grandparents) pay for some of my classes and books. She would send me books on different skills I would need to work on (math, anatomy, etc). Finally, in May 2009 I got my acceptance letter!! My mom was, of course, the first person I called and she screamed when I told her! It was so exciting and it felt great to make her so proud.

    I began nursing school in August 2009 and felt shell-shocked during my first few months! I'm sure most, if not all, can sympathize.
    I was doing well but couldn't help think, "I must've been crazy to start this!". I would call my Mom frustrated and needing her guidance quite often! She was there every single time to comfort me and make me feel better. I made it to Thanksgiving break and got to go visit her. She hugged me and hugged me because she knew the stress I was going through!

    That was the last time I saw her. A few days later, December 2nd, I would get a call that forever changed my life. My mom was killed suddenly when a tree fell on the car she and a friend were driving in. As I type this, I cannot begin to describe the anguish I felt and still feel. There truly are no words. My Mama, my dear friend, mentor and biggest cheerleader was just gone. I still can't believe it.

    I missed a few classes and a clinical but was determined to finish the semester for myself but mostly for my Mom. The love from my classmates, instructors, friends, family, husband (especially him!) was overwhelming. There were over a thousand people who came to her wake - SO many people loved her and valued her as a nurse and person. She was amazing!! Just amazing. I miss her so very much and keep her picture by my bed.

    Although the past year and a half has been so difficult without her, I feel I've become a better person and nurse. Something changed in me and softened me to other people and what they're going through.

    I guess the advice I'd like to give my fellow new grads, students, anyone is: You never know what someone else has been through or what they're going through. In the end, we are all just people trying our best. If someone is mean or snappy, maybe they just need someone to be kind to them. Life is too short to consistently dwell on the negatives that happen to us.
    To nursing students: Enjoy your time in school (I know, I know!!) - be open and soak this time up as much as you can - you'll learn more this way! Also, study as you go, don't try to cram it all in before a test. You might pass an exam but you're not doing yourself any favors once it comes time to take the NCLEX. Keep on pushing through, even through the really difficult times. Your degree is a wonderful accomplishment. As so many say, no education is wasted education. Don't let anyone try to discourage you from pursuing this degree if it's what you really want.

    I realize I'm a newbie RN and I will probably harden a bit but before I lost my Mom, I was a very cynical person. I'm a firm believer in learning from past life experiences and hope to be the best I can be for my patients, coworkers and people in general. I got hired at a wonderful hospital and am currently busy with orientation
    Wishing all the best to students, new grads and seasoned nurses! You are amazing people! Thank you again!
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  3. by   KaksRN
    thanks for sharing your story
  4. by   Kateoh82
    What a truly inspring story! I'm so happy you were able to find the inner strength to go on and graduate and become an RN... Your story makes me want to be a better person.
  5. by   PocketRocket
    What a beautiful story. You are a strong person and I pray that you will bles many as a nurse.
  6. by   LuxAeternaRN
    Thank you all for reading!

    PocketRocket: I pray the same, thank you
  7. by   OmvirB
    Your story touched my heart. Stay strong
  8. by   rn/writer
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm so sorry you lost your mom, but at least she got to see you get your start in the nursing world. Congratulations on graduating, passing NCLEX, and finding a job.

    Very well written post!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    what a powerful story,,,that should be shared as an inspiration to all.

    moved to our success stories in nursing forum where it may forever inspire our members.
  10. by   P B and J
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is truly inspirational! I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine.
  11. by   Shaunta20
    Thank you so much for your story, god knew what he was doing he wanted your mom to rest easy so that you could take over as the nurse, stay strong and god bless.
  12. by   BurlHarley
    My mom was a nurse too and I unfortunately know what it is like to lose one, my mom was only forty (AML) I applaud you for being able to finish school you must be a very strong person. What I use to push me when it gets hard is to think the world needs good nurses. Heaven has one now so its up to me to fill that void. I like to think that even though I cant talk to her and she never got to see me succeed shes proud of me and I just know yours is proud of you
  13. by   LuxAeternaRN
    Thank you all Your comments mean so much!!

    BurlHarley: I'm so sorry you lost your mom, too. How fortunate we are to have had such great ladies and nurses in our lives! I feel the same, I know our moms would be so proud! Thank you for your comment
  14. by   nctamelanurse
    God bless and keep you!!