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A job I thought I'd never love

  1. 0 I have a job as an LPN at the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation, which is a rehab facility for sexual offenders who have been civilly committed after their criminal sentence has been served. When I took the job, I looked at it as just a job where I was just going to give the residents their meds and that was it...just the basic stuff. After all, look what they had done. When I got there, it was a totally different feeling for me. This job is more like therapy for me since I was molested for close to 5 years myself when I was younger. This has been a very rewarding and satisfying experience for me. I have learned to love my job very much and make sure that each and every resident is taken care of and treated with the same respect they treat me with and deserve.
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    Wow, that is awesome! I'm glad such a facility exists and I, too, am shocked you'd love it! I don't believe I could do it. Go you!
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    You are a better man than I!
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    Sometimes we are lead to places we never would have thought of ourselves, but the outcome can be great. Just like yours. Don't forget to give yourself credit because it could have went so wrong, and if you weren't so strong you could have ended up hating your job and have emotional problems. You made it happen so good for you!
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    Great story, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing
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    WOW. As difficult as this experience could have been, I applaud you for finding your job very satisfying! Remember to take care of yourself!
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    Im happy for you. Very inspiring!