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"Nursing Is An Art"

  1. 6 One of my favorite quotes:

    Nursing is an art;
    and if it is to be made an art,
    it requires as exclusive a devotion,
    as hard a preparation,
    as any painter's or sculptor's work;

    for what is the having to do with
    dead canvas or cold marble,
    compared with having to do with the
    living body - the temple of God's spirit?

    It is one of the Fine Arts;
    I had almost said
    the finest of the Fine Arts

    - Florence Nightingale

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    That's really beautiful, thank you for posting that.
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    That is a great quote from one of my Heros. Want more of FN? There is a great site which also has the only recording of her voice. www.countryjoe/nightingale/
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    Oh, that is very nice!
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    What a beauty!
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    I also like that Nightengale quote. I had it as my signature for awhile. Far superior to the nurse's pledge. Has a certain "I know I've been there" ring to it.
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    Florence is the best!!!! Thanks for posting......