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Hi there, just wondering if any of you peeps are going to Naples in Oct. of 2013? I am all signed up and wanted to see if anyone else has been excepted/going? I know all the negative reviews... Read More

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    Quote from doramummy
    Tre coming from Arizona, where will u be staying at? I have not bought ticket yet.
    I've bought my ticket, but haven't booked my accommodations yet...I be flying from Mississippi.

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    If I take college algebra I will be set back and won't be able to apply til winter for October 14 semester. I have classmate this semester who plans on taking chemistry in the spring also so we can be study buddies! I think i'm gonna skip college algebra and go for it I will just have to work extra hard! I will think of this as an intro to anesthesia in the working extra hard department!!
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    if you already have a chem with a lab then you can just take intro to chem or something super chill...long as it has chem in the title you're good. I am going to try and pick up a chem with a pharmacology twist, if i can find one online. This is if you're looking to go just to Wolford of course...I understand if you need another chem with a lab to apply to other schools
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    Hi Denver,

    I don't have any chems at this point. I wanted to take bio chem because I hear it really helps. The prereq to that is gen chem for health sciences and that is the one with the lab. I am taking biochem in the fall without the lab. Well if I pass the first one that is!!
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    Hello All!

    I have recently submited my application for Fall 2013 and am just waiting to hear back. Wondering does anyone know for sure what the start date is? Is it October 14th?

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    Orientation is October 7, class starts October 14. Good luck!
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    Hey OscarRN. I sent you a PM. I know a guy from Utah in the program right now.
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    Thanks OscarRN!

    Wondering...those of you choosing Wolford: Did you apply to many other schools? What made you chose Wolford over your other options?

    Thanks All!
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    I chose Wolford College largely based on co-worker and friends recommendations. All of them stated how great their experience was and that they felt extremely prepared for independent practice upon completion. Also, all of them have been in the same family situation as I (married with 2-4 children). Naples is a very nice, family friendly place to live.
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    Thanks Oscar!

    If admitted for fall 2013 I'll be starting with a 14 month-old and a very supportive husband! : )

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