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Hi there, just wondering if any of you peeps are going to Naples in Oct. of 2013? I am all signed up and wanted to see if anyone else has been excepted/going? I know all the negative reviews about the place so no worries... Read More

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    I did go through this entire forum and got a ton of helpful information. I will probably apply for admission for Fall 2014 because Feb 2014 will be my 1 year ICU off of orientation and I just don't want there to be any issues with the experience not being enough. I will probably already be one of the least experienced applicants! But, nursing is my 2nd bachelors degree and career so I don't want to waste any time...I'm not getting any younger Good luck to you nursejilly! Keep me posted on your application process and GRE and I'll do the same!

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    Hey everyone. Congrats on getting accepted to Wolford College! I am completing my third semester in the program and begin clinicals this October 2013. If anyone has any questions about anything just PM me. Also, Melissa ICU RN you should most definintely apply for the February 14' class. The sooner you begin the soon it ends :-) Your GPA is more than good and the GRE seems to be very far down on their importance list regarding admissions, more of a formality to them. They've done this research that was actually published in the AANA Newsletter regarding what admission factors are indicative of success in CRNA school, and well the GRE didn't really mean jack squat, lol. Anyhow, congrats again Class 2015B! See you guys around.
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    Does anyone know what the schedule will be like the first semester? What days are classes?
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    The Fall 2013 schedule for the new incoming class 2015B is as follows:

    Monday: 9-12 (Pharm) 1-3 (Chem & Physics) 330-730 (Adv. A&P)
    Tuesday: 1-3 (Intro to NAP) 430-730 (Health Policy)

    I'm in the program and they just posted the fall schedule for all the classes. Hope this helps.
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    Nursejilly2005 ur inbox is full. I tried private messaging u.
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    Sorry, I emptied it! Thanks.

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    Hello all. I'm looking forward to starting the program with everyone in a couple of months. Can someone get me into the FB group? My name is Eric Concepcion, from Macomb, MI. Thanks!
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    Melissa ICU RN, your private message box is full. It won't let me respond to your financial aid question. You can send me your personal email if you want or clear some space. Just let me know. Congrats again!
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    It's been two months since the start of the school for Batch 2015B. Just want to touch base with you regarding your experiences looking for apartments, where did you end up to? Any suggestions on locations, infos about the pricing etc. Thank you..
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    Hi Guys, I would assume that all of the people on this topic are busy in school, but if you get a chance I was wondering when everyone interviewed for fall acceptance. I have my application in but only have seen people interviewing in February or later. I was hoping to interview sooner so as to get my house sold and get everything lined up correctly. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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