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Hi there, just wondering if any of you peeps are going to Naples in Oct. of 2013? I am all signed up and wanted to see if anyone else has been excepted/going? I know all the negative reviews... Read More

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    I submitted everything in the packet at the top of January except the GRE which I take this Friday. Anyone have any pointers? Also, how were you guy's interviews. I'm trying to get in for October 2013 or Feb 2014...
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    Quote from Tre'RN
    I submitted everything in the packet at the top of January except the GRE which I take this Friday. Anyone have any pointers? Also, how were you guy's interviews. I'm trying to get in for October 2013 or Feb 2014...
    Tre'RN: my suggestion is to make sure to submit your GRE score to Wolford, and any other school you may be even vaguely interested in, at the testing center right after your test. This will save you some money, as opposed to submitting later and having to pay. As far as the interview is concerned, be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your experience, and how you have prepared to start a graduate program in anesthesia. Good luck!
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    Oscar and others:

    How long after your interview did you receive confirmation from the school that you were in fact accepted? Thanks in advance for replies ...
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    I have a question about the reference/recommendation letter. So my manager who wrote my recommendation just moved to another floor so we have a new manager who does know me nor do I know her. In this case, if wolford calls to verify and my previous manager is no longer in the unit I work in. Would that be a problem? Do they call every applicant's workplace to verify?
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    Tre: I interviewed in the middle of November and got my acceptance letter in the mail two weeks to the day after my interview.
    CaliRN: I know they do call references. I had one of my references tell me that they called to ask some follow-up questions. I would just look to see what contact information the reference provided for the school (what email and contact phone) If it is different now then give the school the updated information.
    As far as the interview, I agree with Oscar about the types of questions. Nothing too difficult they just want to get to know you and why you want to go to their program.
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    Tre: I also got my acceptance response in two weeks time.
    Cali: I honestly would not worry about it if you already have the recommendation letter from your former ICU manager. I actually got my mine from my manager and then transferred to another ICU. They still called my old manager and verified. I agree with the previous poster that you could get your former manager's contract info and relay it to ------------ @ Wolford. One of the things I like about Wolford is that they are not at all intimdating. They want to help you.
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    Quote from doramummy
    When did u applied to wolford college.
    Dora: I applied in November, interviewed in the middle of January, and found out two weeks later that I was accepted.
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    We are planning on heading out that way late September. Think school starts October 14th? Dang, one on the way in August, sounds like a busy little house hold for sure! It should be a good time, and lots of studying and exploring to do...gotta have some fun too. My buddy is half way through the program right now and he is really enjoying it. Did you ya get your fingerprints done yet...what a cluster that was!
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    I interview in September, heard back in about 5-6wks. Interview was super chill just like I had heard it would be.

    As far as living situation goes...not sure yet, rent was right where oscar said the range would be...1100-1400 depending on where you live i suppose.

    should be fun!
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    Yeah, we for sure are going to have a busy couple of months. We want to get good & settled before school starts. I haven't done my finger prints yet. I'm going to do that this coming week. It sounds like a whole bundle of fun though!
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    with the finger prints you need two sets...one for morphotrust (they process them for Wolford) and you need a set sent to the florida board of nursing. you can go to local sheriff or police and get the blue standard FBI prints. you will need to hand write an ORI number into each set of prints which is how they link your ORI number to the school. morphotrust you pay online florida board of nursing is through biomedical firm that also processes them for florida board. clear as mud right?! took me 3 weeks of phone calls and trying to get hold of wolford, florida board, and morphotrust...prob on hold for total of 8hrs over those 3 wks.

    see below email from wolford about this...might help a little.

    You will need to be fingerprinted twice. Once for the Wolford College background check and also for the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON).You are to get fingerprinted by your local law enforcement agency. We do not provide the fingerprint cards. Then you will need to forward the card to the L-1 Company in Tallahassee, FL, making sure our ORI number is on the card in order for me to get the results. You will also need to get fingerprinted for the FBON when you apply for your FL RN license. You will need to follow their instructions and get fingerprinted for them also. You will need to find a company to process them. There is a company on the FBON website that will process the cards and get them the results. Below is the company that will process the fingerprint cards for the Florida Board of Nursing license. You can have your fingerprints done on the fingerprint card and make sure the FBON ORI number is on the card in order for them to receive the results and this company will convert the card to livescan. Please contact them for information on how to accomplish that and the actual cost before you forward your cards. The lady that I spoke to was Sue Powers. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Biometric Information Management (B.I.M.)....................use this company for the florida board of nursing. they want a $50 money order to be sent with your prints to the below address. don't forget the ORI number!!

    Phone: 614-791-3220
    Email: FLfingerprints@bioinfomgt.com
    Website: www.bioinfomgt.com
    Location: 555 Metro Place, Suite 100, Dublin, OH 43017
    Fees: Fingerprint card scanned at location - $59.25 (Contact before sending)

    sounds straight forward but they fail to tell you these companies are horrible to work with!

    toss me an email and i will give you all you need to know and save you the hassel of all this silliness

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    Goodness gracious! Sounds like a lot of work! Here's to hoping that your insight will save me some hassle. Thanks!

    What else are you doing right now to prepare (i.e., the move, finances, what ever else...)?
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    You can submit information before the GRE is taken? I am taking the GRE on August 29th and PALS on August 6. If that is true I will submit all my info after I take PALS. I already spoke with the contact person at Wolford because I will be taking organic chem in the Fall and wondered if I could apply while taking that and they said I could. I am hoping to get in for Feb 14 but will settle for October 14! Good luck to all!

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