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Hi there, just wondering if any of you peeps are going to Naples in Oct. of 2013? I am all signed up and wanted to see if anyone else has been excepted/going? I know all the negative reviews... Read More

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    GInny: I looked at apartments for about a half a day but it was rather overwhelming...make sure you use the net first to narrow down where you think you would like to live.

    Ginny/Birddog: as far as interview goes, show up and you should get accepted interview with three peeps. They will ask you about your experience, how you financially plan to pay for school, what kind of O.R. cases you seen when shadowing? interview is about 7-10 minutes is all. No technical questions or anything crazy. Just personal, so relax, get some sleep, go to the beach...ye get the jest

    have fun!

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    Thank you. Sounds good. Looking forward to it. Hope to see you this fall.
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    I am not able to private message yet..I am not worried just anxious to interview. Interviewed at another school and it was not too bad, However, I know a few other people who had a rough go of it when they interviewed... From what I hear on this site Don't worry..be happy.

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    Yeah I have about ten narrowed down that I will be looking at. Luckily I will be staying for a few days so hopefully it won't be an overwhelming process. Thanks for the info about the interview!
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    Good luck Ginny...See you there.

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    Does anyone know statistics on how many students apply per year?
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    I'm interviewing April 19th! Starting to get a little anxious!
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    Is it necessary to have a Florida license in order to apply? Thanks.
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    I am from Michigan and will be applying for the Feb 2014 start date. What part of Michigan are you from? I live near Flint but work in Ann Arbor. Good Luck!
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    Quote from nursejilly2005
    Is it necessary to have a Florida license in order to apply? Thanks.
    No, but you have to be eligible and get one before you start.

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