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Wolford College February 2012 Roll Call :-)

  1. 0 Hey everybody! Just wondering who else is starting at Wolford College in February 2012?! My girlfriend and I will be moving down to Naples on December 1st because her job, she's a nurse too, starts in December. I basically have two months to sit around so wondering who else will be down there? I guess I could get some studying done or something. Anybody have any reccomendations for living locations? Any good apartments or condos to check out? Hope to hear from some future classmates!!
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    I will be a part of your class. Im moving down from Nashville around January 22. No idea where to live- it's pretty expensive to live alone!
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    Just doing some research and I see you guys are in for wolford. I have an interview Jan 13. Anything I should know for the process??I have read a couple of things but they were from a coupld of years ago.
    I hear housing is expensive down there but some small affordable areas..

    Congrats on getting in.