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  1. 0 below please find information re: wolford college crna program. good luck in school everyone!


    i recieved a letter for an interview at wolford. they gave me three dates. i was wondering if anyone who interviewed at wolford can please give me some advice. i havent picked a date but one is for this week. the other two are in august and sept. is the interview clinical questions or is it informal and just asks why wolford, why do you want to become a crna etc. if thats the case i would go this week but if i need to prepare more i would choose the other dates. also do they wait for all interviews are done from all dates to choose and accept students? and how long does it take to hear back? thanks please let me know ...
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    If you do a search on allnurses.com (see the upper right corner of the screen for the search box) for "wolford interview", you'll see a bunch of hits. Hope that some of them may help you...

    Good luck!
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    I was just recently accepted to wolford college. My start date is feb 2010.. I read several threads and I found negative and positive things people said about wolford college. But I wanted to hear from current students or newley graduated students about the program. Anyone else starting in Feb 2010? Any information helps. I live 2 hours away of naples so makes things a bit easier probably..

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    Can you post your admission stats if you don't mind. Wolford is a target school for me and am trying to develop some knowledge about it. thanks
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    I just saw your post. I have an interview coming up in August and was wondering if you already interviewed? If so did you get accepted and and if so how long did it take to find out if you got accepted? Any advice? I am trying to prepare for my interview. Thanks.
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    i did interview and did hear back and was accepted for the spring 2010.. i am excited and would be happy to explain things.. if you would like to pm me probably can answer all your questions with out going back and forth, the interview was very laid back and nothing to prepare for. they want to see who you are and your personality. they want to see if you will fit in. they didn't grill me or ask me a ton of off the wall questions like some other schools. if you get called for an interview they already assumed that you are probably knowledgeable. they just asked me a few questions when i told them where i work... that's one of there questions. they ask where in the icu do you work and types of patients you get and care for. from there they might, and i mean might ask you something. but be relaxed; don't sound like you practiced your answers. i didn't i went in there humble, excited and confident. when you're done with the interview they tell you will hear back in 4-6 weeks. i think i got the letter in 2-3 weeks saying i was accepted. i already sent in my deposit and background stuff... well like i said pm me or ask what ever you may need. i know i prepared my self through forums and i will do the same to help a fellow future colleague... don't hesitate to ask......
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    That is great!!! I am so happy for you! I hope the luck comes my way! Haha! How do I PM you? I am new with this website!
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    I will try to private message you....
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    I am planning on starting in Feb 2010. A few people I use to work with are there right now and they say its hard but are enjoying it and only have good things to say about it. They feel their teachers are really there to help. No one I have contact with are currenlty doing clinicals but I did call Wolford to ask some questions concerning clinicals. I was told that you can be with an older student to help you through your first part of clinicals, they call this an orientation. So as an older student you may need to orient as well.
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    Thanks for the reply... Thats good to hear.. I am just getting my aid in line before start date of feb 2010.. Well Hope to see you there.. Let me know know if you hear anything else. Where are you from?
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    I have applied to Wolford as well and would be interested in hearing how things went for your interview. My application is not for the Spring class, but for the Fall 2010 class. Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing your tales...
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    The interview went well and was very laid back. I just went last week so it will be a while before I get a letter of acceptance or not. No clinical questions, like I said it was very laid back. Good luck! When is your interview?

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