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below please find information re: wolford college crna program. good luck in school everyone! hi, i recieved a letter for an interview at wolford. they gave me three dates. i was wondering... Read More

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    Yaaayyyyy!!! Congrats Kimcole I knew you would get in. Just email me alaina4@msn.com

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    kimcole I forgot to ask you which clinical hub you picked.
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    Congrats Kimcole! Has anyone gotten any additional information from the school yet? I'm getting REALLY antsy! Also, for loans, is there anything I need to do right now besides fill out my FAFSA?
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    Yes you have to go to the schools website and register so you can do your pre entrance interview and sign your promissary note. I've filled out everything for the sub&unsub loans as well as the Grad plus loans. Call and speak to the financial aid officer at the school if you have any questions. He helped me out a lot ..... Can't wait to meet everybody. Feb needs to hurry and get here before I talk myself out of this. I'm just kidding . This has been a looooong work in progress and I've finally made it.
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    I too am starting in February 2011 and am very excited. I'm coming from California and the drive will most likely take me 10 days. I am planning on staying in a hotel once in Naples and then driving around and calling apartment complexes looking for a place to stay. I wish Wolford knew an exact start date, times, location, etc. I was told probably Jan 31st is the first day of orientation. Does anyone have an apartment already in Naples they can recommend? Something quiet, close to school, good learning environment type of place? Any current students know when they started what it was like, what days, times, location? What was the school schedule like for students starting in 2010? Any info on apartments and class schedule would be extremely helpful. I can't wait to start school
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    Sunbumjul, I can't belive you are driving from CA! I thought my 20 hrs from MO was bad. As far as start dates I was also told orientation started the last week of Jan/first week of Feb., and school started Feb 7th. Living in MO I unfortunately have no insight to apartments but after online searches, ect decided to go with Turtle Creek. It is just a few miLes from school on the north side. I'm moving like the 7th ish of Jan so I can let you know what I think then. When do you think you'll be getting to Naples? Sorry I don't have more info. I can't waitto start too! And meet everyone since I'm sure well all get pretty close over the 28 months!
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    Has anyone been accepted to Wolford CRNA Pgm with RN associate degree and a business related masters degree? Or is the RN BSN required? Any info appreciated.
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    So, I just got myself all moved to Naples. Not sure I'm ready to start but no going back now. Anyone else moving to Naples? Or those who are starting in Feb and already live here? I don't know anyone in the area and would love to have a few contacts.
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    Lovescoffee congrats on your move, I will be doing the same once the finacial aid confirmation comes my way. Where did you move apt,condo, house etc? I think I am going to look for a 1bd 1bath apt, I am in St. Petersburg approx 2 1/2 hrs away. Can't wait to meet everyone in Feb.
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    Did you move into turtle creek like you had mentioned? If so how do you like it?

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