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below please find information re: wolford college crna program. good luck in school everyone! hi, i recieved a letter for an interview at wolford. they gave me three dates. i was wondering... Read More

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    Hey Nursebandit I am also driving from St. Petersburg are u looking to stay up there or commuting. I am looking for someone to commute with me.
    Shot me an email if possible lilxlisa727@hotmail.com
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    Quote from lovescoffee
    Yes, I did move into Turtle Creek (which is apparently changing to MeadowBrook something). I've been here since Jan 4th and so far it's been fine. Since the new owners took over apparently they kicked a lot of bad renters out and the complex is only 1/2 full. I have not had any noise/people issues. Also, I love the location! I'm just south of Bonita Springs, like 6 mins from school, and I think the only thing I'm not close to is Downtown, which I should prob stay away from anyway since I should be studying
    Feel free to msg me with any questions and I'll do my best to give you as much info as possible!

    hello. lovescoffee, i read your post about GRE being the worst part of your portfolio. Do you mind me asking what your GPA and other credentials are? I am having a hard time scoring over 900 on my GRE. I have already taken the test twice. Was wondering what my chances are. I have a 3.0 GPA, CCRN, BLS, PALS, ACLS, TNCC and I have been a nurse in the SICU for about 3 years at a level 1 trauma center. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    hey mesolovely,
    you should read all of the other posts about Wolford College where you will see that you shouldnt have to worry about low GPA or low GRE. They take anyone. Just an outside observation from reading all of the other posts on this site.
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    I am an ICU nurse in Nashville, TN. I am looking to apply to Wolford here soon. I was just curious as to how old everyone that has been getting accepted into the program is and how much experience they have?
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    Actually, our class has people from 23-upper 40's. As for experience, I personally have less than 2 years total (between ER and ICU) and there are people with 15 years RN exp, but I'm not sure of the longest ICU exp. I know someone with 5 yrs, but I'm sure there's a person with more.
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    I just graduated from Wolford College a few months ago. There is a wide range of ages, GPAs, experience, GRE scores, etc..... in other words its pretty easy to get in.
    Age is not an issue. I knew 24 year olds and I knew 48 year olds in the program. lots only have 1 year of ICU, I knew people with a 600 GRE, I knew people with bad GPAs, I knew people with only ER experience.
    around 25% of my graduating class failed the certification exam on the first try. These were smart students!!! The last semester of course work was grueling but just did not cover what was on that exam. My personal study with Valley Review is what prepared me to pass on the first try. I imagine they will be changing things around a bit so their pass rate goes back up.
    By my perspective, they have become much more of a weed out program, compared to when I started, as a result of poor pass rates and other issues over the past few years. They will have no problem accepting you, and they will have no problem failing you early on. When I started the student's were allowed two C's before being kicked out of the program... now I can't remember if they are allowed only 1 C or no C's
    The clinical experience is only OK.... yes, you'll learn anesthesia, but you won't be a trauma guru by the time you're done, unless you're just naturally a clinically strong practitioner.
    There is little to no vacation time. Since they are not associated with a large university, don't plan on getting the usual holidays or time off between semesters, ESPECIALLY in clinical. We had one week of vacation for the 16 months of clinical. Luckily the OR is closed during most major holidays so they just run a skeletal team, and a few students will have to take call.
    Positives: I thought the didactic portion was actually pretty good! Problem is, you really need a top notch clinical environment to take your learning to the next level.
    IN REALITY: It's probably no different than most any other place you can go. Every school has their horror stories or weak points. I hear the same complaints about pretty much every program out there. Just make sure you pick a school where you'll be successful. You really only have one shot at this... most schools won't touch you if you fail out of a different program.
    Also, price of tuition and cost of living, I imagine, is a factor for most of you. Wolford is priced like a private school because it is a private school, and cost of living in Florida can be a little expensive compared to the mid-west etc. But the location is great. I lived two blocks from the beach and spent my breaks between studying laying out on the sand.

    Also, word of advice: NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING!!! They will think of you as a whiner, and there will be plenty of people already to complain for you.
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    Thank you! Great post. Answered a lot of questions as I am applying to 4 crna schools this year to be a class of 2012! I lived in Florida (cocoa beach) and worked for 7 months in 2010. Is Naples living any different? I had a hard time living there (being from KY) because it was hard to make friends and it seemed like an old crowd. Just hoping to go to a school that I will like in a city that I will like!
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    Hello all! Just joined allnurses so I could join in the conversation. I have my interview with Wolford next week, May 19th! AHHH! I'm preparing for my interview and I'm wondering from anyone who recently interviewed what the questions were like? Anything clinical?? I'm studying anyway just in case! I have a pretty good application except for my overall GPA... Overall GPA is a 2.9... YIKES! Nursing and science GPA is 3.5. GRE score is 1100. Two years PICU at a level one trauma center and children's hospital and 1 year adult med/surg (yucky). I had amazing recommendation letters so at least I have that going for me! Any advice??
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    Hey All!

    Newby to all nurses here! PICU Jenn, just wondering how your interview went? I have one June 6th. Courious and nervous as to what goes on. What questions were asked etc. I hope it went well. If accepted I will be moving from Utah to Naples.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Hey clarkbl, what clinical area did you use, and would you recommend as the strongest clinical area?
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    Hey Maverik,

    So, have you been accepted to Wolford? I have an interview next week, just curious what you story is!
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    Yes, I have been accepted, and any specific questions concerning story?
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    Ha! I could not have been more vague! I guess more curious as to how the interview went. Any specific questions that maybe you struggled with? Have you heard anything about the program? good? bad? how many will be in the fall class etc? How big of an ICU are you coming from?