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below please find information re: wolford college crna program. good luck in school everyone! hi, i recieved a letter for an interview at wolford. they gave me three dates. i was wondering... Read More

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    I am starting in the Fall! Can't wait!!!
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    I saw youe postings that you got accepted to a few CRNA schools. Which one did you finally decided to go?
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    Either Wolford or University of Miami, I wiil decide this summer but have paid the deposit for both.

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    i go to wolford....
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    Hey Jen,

    Come to Wolford with me come on it will be a blast.... LOL
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    I am really leaning towards wolford... seems more relaxing and less stressful! I didn't like how negatively Miami viewed expanding families and focused on the divorce rate of SRNA's!!! I was disappointed.... I am seriously leaning towards Wolford.
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    Well alright then... See you in the fall!
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    Hi there. i am new in this site, find it very helpful to read advice from fellow nurses.i am very interested to go for CRNA program for next year, so far i applied at barry university, FGCU and Wolford college. I would prefer wolford since the campus is not that far from the place i live. So far i have all the requirements submitted except for one more recommendation letter. anybody who are already accepted for 2011? WOULD like to hear some tips or advice on how long should i wait for the interview and possible acceptance. my GPA is 3.7, ICU experience 1.5 will be 2.5 by the time i will start the program, GRE is 975, and hopefully by next month will pass the CCRn exam. is this enough to get into program? i will do what it takes.. please give me some info. Thank you guys....
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    i have graduated from wolford and is all done ......
    but this link has some truth about the school ...
    take it as is ....

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    I would do it again at wolford ....
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    hello crnabambino,

    your reply means a lot to me.. gave me a little bit a red flag coz i myself is a foreign , (am asian).. i still do have barry university and FGCU. i will definitely do more research. am scheduled for interview on Aug 28 at FGCU, am excited and am looking forward to get in. am quite nervous as i do not know what to expect. may i have some advice fromm you?

    once again my heartfelt thank you.
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    no school is perfect and sometimes people are not either...
    go where u get in and feel comfortable...
    i liked wolford ... and others dont...
    best advice is just to be yourself and have fun ...
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    crnabambino, did you have a good experience. Both clinical and didatic..I'm an African American female and have applied to Wolford along with a few other schools. School is already going to be stressful, and noone should have to go in with extra stress because of their race. I see that you stated that you would do it again. So, I'm assuming that it wasn't bad for you. Would you recommended to someone else coming in?

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