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below please find information re: wolford college crna program. good luck in school everyone! hi, i recieved a letter for an interview at wolford. they gave me three dates. i was wondering if anyone who interviewed at... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply... Thats good to hear.. I am just getting my aid in line before start date of feb 2010.. Well Hope to see you there.. Let me know know if you hear anything else. Where are you from?

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    I have applied to Wolford as well and would be interested in hearing how things went for your interview. My application is not for the Spring class, but for the Fall 2010 class. Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing your tales...
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    The interview went well and was very laid back. I just went last week so it will be a while before I get a letter of acceptance or not. No clinical questions, like I said it was very laid back. Good luck! When is your interview?
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    I don't know yet. I just sent in my application a week ago and am waiting on my references to turn in their forms. Hopefully, I'll get one and hopefully I'll be accepted. Thanks for your feedback and good luck to you.
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    I am from Utah. There are 4 or 5 people that I work with that start in Feb 2010 as well. It will be nice to have people I know in class. 2 other people I work with start in Sept and one is currently in the program. CRNA school is the popular thing to do where I work; is that how it is everywhere else? Most the new ICU nurses get a year or two of ICU experience and then move on to CRNA school.
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    Hey when did you interview? I met a few people from Utah during my interview. WellI would like maybe hear more about the experiences of the students you know who are in the school already. Yes its about the same thing hear. Most people I see are trying to go to crna school. Well the market is still okay for crna's but it is getting saturated in some parts. Schools are pumping students out left and right. So the sooner I get going the better it is. lol
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    Hello Cassius... I too have recently applied to Wolford and am hoping to interview soon. I was just curious about your experience and other stats that got you in? I am a relatively new nurse but will have over a year of experience by the time school starts. Thanks!!
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    Hi I attend Wolford, started clinicals full time in Sept( 4th sem).... The program is awesome, I love it and am glad I chose this program. The Instructors are good and want you to learn. There were times when I had questions days after a lecture, after going over it at home and trying to study on my own, and I just went up to the school and spoke with the instructor...He went over it again and made sure I understood what was being taught. It is time consuming and of course you are going to have to apply yourself but its worth it...Good luck
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    I start Oct 2010: stats: GPA 3.62; GRE waived b/c Masters degree with GPA 3.47; ACLS, PALS, BLS, CCRN, 1.3 yrs experience in Level 1 trauma MICU in GA.
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    hi jenrn2008 congratulations, can you tell me what questions they asked at the interview. Do most of the applicants have ccrn. I plan on applying for the spring 2011, any info you give will be very hlepfull, thanks.....

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