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below please find information re: wolford college crna program. good luck in school everyone! hi, i recieved a letter for an interview at wolford. they gave me three dates. i was wondering if anyone who interviewed at... Read More

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    Hey clarkbl, what clinical area did you use, and would you recommend as the strongest clinical area?

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    Hey Maverik,

    So, have you been accepted to Wolford? I have an interview next week, just curious what you story is!
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    Yes, I have been accepted, and any specific questions concerning story?
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    Ha! I could not have been more vague! I guess more curious as to how the interview went. Any specific questions that maybe you struggled with? Have you heard anything about the program? good? bad? how many will be in the fall class etc? How big of an ICU are you coming from?

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    I don't have anyone specific that I've spoken to that's been. I have one friend in school at LSU that has a friend or two there, he said that they all talked like the didactic portion was pretty good and he also said that they were more prepared than he was now that they are both at the point of finishing up, but that's really all I've I got. I assume the class size will be the size that they state it normally is, around 50. Interview wasn't clinical based, more of a meet and greet. My ICU is 44 beds, it's a mixed unit. I work mostly on the CVICU end, but it's up to how many hearts they're doing that day as to where I may be, so I can technically have any type of pt on any day.
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    Hey naverett,
    I just finished my 1st semester at Wolford. I came from a 56 bed level I trauma medical center, however I only had the min. 1 yr ICU experience. The interview was a meet and greet...why you want to be a crna, how you've prepared, where you've worked, those type of questions. They basically consider your application package to be you "clinical interview". My class started with 54 and ended the semester with 50. I've heard mixed reviews about the school, but so far I can't complain too much (and I'm a pretty harsh critic of schools). I feel that I have learned SO MUCH in 4 short months and can't even imagine my knowledge level once the didactic portion is over. I can't speak for the clinical portion yet, but I will say I've heard mixed reviews. Some say the Naples location is over crowded, and other say it's only that way your 1st clinical semester during the time period you aren't going to be on your own anyway. I've heard that Tampa puts you on your own after 1 month and you work long hrs and tons of call. That Davenport is fine, yet lacks the critical and cardiac cases. Bottom line is that every school (and clinical site) has their faults, problems and advantages. Although I feel that I am a very strong student, and was given interviews by many other schools, I was not willing to sit around and wait to start. As of now, I am happy with my choice. Hope this helps you a little! Good luck on your interview
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    Hey lovescoffee, I was just curious to know how many days a week you are having classes now that the first portion is over. I know that it will be 2 days a week for the first semester so to speak but does that change in the second semester? The reason I ask is my wife and I are contemplating moving to the Tampa area and then just driving down for class and staying for the 2 days that I have class, is this feasible? Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you.... btw, wife is an ICU nurse also, and there just doesn't seem to be too much in the way of ICU positions in Naples. Thanks again.
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    Hi Maverik09, so the issues is that pretty much all out profs also practice clinically. SO...it takes them a while to figure out the schedule and they sort of have to fit classes in where ever they can. This semester we were suppose to have class T/R and about a week before found out we also have a 2 hr class at 1pm on Mon. with occasional lab days too. I do know that they try to keep it to 2 days because it's easier for them to get all classes in. We have at least 1 person who drives from Tampa, but I would imagine when the semesters get closer to the end and tests/papers/ect start building up it gets HARD to give up those extra hours a day. Heck, I hated giving up the 7 min it took me to drive home! lol Also, for the clinical portion (last 16 mo) we are req to be within 30 min of the hospitals because we have call shifts. Has your wife looked in Ft. Myers for jobs? Are you accepted/staring soon?
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    hey gang, my interview is friday, and I am interested in housing and a roommate. If accepted I am not sure of my start date being feb or august, but if anyone has any recommendations or in need of a roommate please feel free to write. thanks!
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    I just applied to Wolford for their fall start. I have a 3.4 GPA and scored a 152(quant) and 148(verbal) on the new GRE. I will have 1.3 years ICU exp in SICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital by the time the program starts.

    Do you think this is enough for an interview?
    How long until I will hear something?
    How often do they hold interviews?


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