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  1. 0 Anyone attending Wolford? Info please
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    Quote from mrmike
    Anyone attending Wolford? Info please
    What kind of information are you seeking? There are alot of threads on Wolford in the archives. I applied and was accepted to Wolford but decided to attend another school. But I liked the atmosphere and the staff that interviewed me. I was pretty excited about the school actually.

    There is a thread further down on this page that talks about how some of the students are not happy there.

    Take your pick I guess.
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    I attend Wolford.....what do you want to know?
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    Update on Wolford:

    Wolford College has been granted continued accreditation from the Council on Accreditation (COA) receiving 10 years (the maximum accreditation)
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    Do you recommend Wolford College from a clinical and didactic standpoint? My reason for asking is because I am astonished at the number of negative threads from students that are currently at Wolford or those who have graduated. Thanks!
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    depends .... if you dont have the required courses, your gpa is low , your gre is low, you lack the required ICU experience but have the money then wolford is for you. there are also qualified students who make the most of it. a lot of the crnas and instructors are new wolford grads.
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    Quote from brown76
    depends .... if you dont have the required courses, your gpa is low , your gre is low, you lack the required ICU experience but have the money then wolford is for you. there are also qualified students who make the most of it. a lot of the crnas and instructors are new wolford grads.
    I think if one of those is low you may have a better chance than most schools, but not all. I have heard of some good nurses not getting accepted however. Most schools do use a weighted system (High GPA, low GRE accepted or vice versa, or Lots of good experience, GRE less than 1000). Looking at schools, including Gooding, it's not uncommon for people to be accepted with less than 1000 GRE and a GPA of 3.2 to 3.3. Just depend on competition for slots, of which at Wolford there are more than usual.
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    Everyone considering Wolford please listen,
    I am a student at Wolford. All the bad things you have read are unfortunately true about this school. They accept just about anyone and have WAY too many students. You will commonly have 3, 4, or even 5 students working on one case. They take over 50 students twice a year and they simply cannot support this number. The school is owned by an anesthesiology group and this causes a serious conflict of interest. They teach you to be extremely dependent on the MDA's. Some of the classes are treated like a total joke. You will get lectures from CRNA's with only 1-2 years of experience who are from Wolford. I am saying this not to bash Wolford but to warn students. I made a bad choice coming here and I cannot get out, it is too hard for students to pack up and leave once you have invested so much. Plus you don't realize how bad it is until you are deep in the program, when clinicals start. You should not have to fight students for experience. I have no pride in my education. Please consider two things strongly before applying to any school.

    1) See how competitive they are in their application, and make sure they have enough clinical sites.

    2) Reputation is everything.

    If you are not a strong student and don't think you can get into a school, then Wolford is for you. If you consider yourself a quality student, go to a place with a quality education. Wolford wants quantity, not quality. Do not lie to yourself like I did.

    God bless,

    Soon to be Wolford Grad
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    At least half the class wishes they would have picked somewhere else. The happy ones are the students who could not get in anywhere else. Please think about this before you commit to this program.
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    Raging Gas,
    I was just wondering if you knew these things about Wolford, why did you choose to attend there anyways?
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    Everyone, please do your own research before listening to a disgruntled student who obviously couldn't handle the stress. It is not as bad as he claims. There are 2 students per room at the most. They alternate cases throughout the day, so you get way more cases than you need. The only reason Wolford College has any sort of bad reputation is because students like "raging gas" trash the school when they learn they cannot handle it. I am confident I will be a well prepared CRNA when I graduate. Yes it's stressful while you're there. If you can't take the stress in anesthesia school, you shouldn't become an anesthetist. Hopefully this miserable student finds another outlet besides trashing Wolford on a forum. If you have any questions on Wolford, please direct them to the school.
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    Naive. I honestly didn't think it mattered which school as long as they were accredited. Wolford has 10 years. Not sure how, but they do. I'll be done soon, and i just want other people to make informed decisions. I've slogged through it and i'll be done in a couple of months, but i regret my decision.
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    What reason do I have to lie? Just read the other posts. There are plenty. This is my last one. Just don't be in denial. I was. Good luck to everyone. BTW, I thrive on stress... clinical stress... not stress from being jammed like sardines at the top of the bed and splitting cases or worrying about being shut down by the COA.