Will this help me get into CRNA program Will this help me get into CRNA program | allnurses

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Will this help me get into CRNA program

  1. 0 I'm currently in first year integrated RN and an RCN. The program lasts 4.5 years instead of 4 for only RN.
    It's more competitive to get into than RN.

    I'm planning on doing a masters in ICU nursing and then moving to USA and become an CRNA.

    Will the dual qualification of RN and RCN give me an advantage over competition ?

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    I would think that a Master's would give you an advantage. Especially if it is ICU focused. Never heard of a RCN, do you have a link to the RCN at your school?

    Coming to the USA from another country presents challenges that I am not aware of but I think that obtaining a VISA and a US RN license would be first among them. You likely know more about that.