What is CRNA school like??

  1. I am right now in the process of getting my ADN degree and then I will get my BSN. My goal and dream is to be a CRNA. My father in-law is a CRNA and assistant chief of anethesia at a local hospital. I have shadowed him once and loved it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what CRNA school is like?

    1. Is CRNA school like nursing where you have to make a "B" average to pass?
    2. Is gross antomy ridiculiously hard?
    3. Is it too hard to be married possibly have a child and be in CRNA school?
    4. Do people ever fail out of CRNA school?
    5. Any other helpful info.
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  3. by   srnamom
    1. You need to have a 'B' average to pass each class, but you will have much much more to learn/study/do in anesthesia school than in nursing school.

    2. Yes.

    3. Being married can make it harder or easier. Some people can do it with small children, some can't succeed even with no other responsibilities. Depends on you and your support system.

    4. Yes. In classwork and clinical.