Updates on funding for CRNA programs

  1. I am looking for any information that anyone has who is currently looking for funding for CRNA school. This topic has been covered MANY times, but due to the economy things are changing on a daily basis here. The hospital affiliated with my program has stopped it's tuition assistance program, which previously provided students with approx. $20,000 to use during the program. Direct to borrower private loans are hard to find, and the federal loan limits per year are not enough for most to live on. I start in September 2010, and I am trying to gather as much info as possible before other programs begin to dry up too. Any info you have is greatly appreciated. I know there are many other people in the same boat, and hopefully we can help each other. Thanks!
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  3. by   jenrn2008
    yes i am interested to know too. I start in Oct 2010. I need assiatance and am willing to sign a contract in DC, VA, MD or TX hospitals if needed.