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    I am going on a tour of a college I'm applying to, ECU's CRNA school, and was wondering what are some good questions to ask. I have a handful, but would love some insight to see if my questions are suitable. Someone questions I had were about their labs and hours that are available to students, clinical rotations, grading scale, availability of tutors if needed, how many cases a student experiences in their clinicals, and committees that students can become involved in. I know this is a tour for them to show why they are a great school to attend, but I also want them to know I'm very interested. Thanks.

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    Hello, I am touring ECU as well on Thursday 2/21. I plan to mostly go over my application with the director and identify weaknesses. The program is very competitive with a class size of 12-14 with up to 80 qualified candidates. I hear the program is awesome!
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    Let me know how it goes and good luck!

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