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SRNA with ARNP or other MSN?

  1. 0 Just out of many of you SRNA's are/were ARNP's or already have a MSN?
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    i'm a first-year and i have an msn already- generalist degree accelerated nursing program for individuals with bachelors (non-nursing) that wanted to get into nursing... I'm not an advanced practitioner or specialist. helps though to have some of the masters core courses out of the way now
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    Perkizme, thanks so much for your response. I am applying to several Direct Entry programs right now (I, too, have a bachelor's in a non-nursing area). Which program did you attend? Did you finance through student loans? I already have loans, and while I cringe at the thought of taking on more, I know that nursing is where I want to be, and it will be worth it in the end. Best of luck to you!
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    I went to Xavier Univ's accelerated MSN (2yrs) program in Cincinnati, worked 2 yrs now in Univ of Cincinnati's CRNA program. I have had to take out loans for both (cover whatever scholarships didnt and living expenses). It is worth it!