So how are the "other" classes?

  1. I'm interviewing at UTHSC Houston and at Baylor. I've been looking over the course lists and getting excited about the prospect of learning everything and more than I ever wanted to know about anesthesia! What has got me nervous though are the "other" classes, like theory, statistics, etc. And I know both programs have a research component that must be completed to graduate. Any insight into those "other" classes? Is there any guidence from faculty regarding the research projects? I'm interested in research, but I know pretty much nothing about it at this time... well I guess that's what the class is for

    I know school is all about time management, so just wondering how students felt about things, do you have enough time to get everything done? are research topics picked for you or and/or are they relevant to your practice of anesthesia?

    Thanks! :typing
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    I'm bumping this thread because I want to know too!
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    Hey, I forgot I asked the question. Seems like ages ago! Well, I got in at Baylor so I don't have to worry about the theory/statistics/other random touchy feely classes. Will have a booger of a capstone project to complete, but that's still way off in the distance for me. And I'm still a wee bit freaked out about it but that's my specialty, freaking out about stuff.

    So, if you don't like the theory/statistics/touchy feely nursing classes, just don't go to a program at a nursing school. I'm not saying this is easier. I'm still getting my butt kicked in classes, but it's the kind of butt kicking I look forward to :typing: