Question re: CRNA pre-requisites. Please help?

  1. I am a new member but have been reading topics from this site for a while now. I have a question regarding the CRNA pre-requisites. According to my research, most CRNA programs require Chemistry, Biology, or Statistics courses.

    I an American citizen from a foreign family, and I went to school outside the country (parent's wish). Due to that reason I am not very familiar with the education system here in US. I am a RN working in ICU trying to gain my 2 years experience. My ultimate goal is to become CRNA. My question is, do most universities allow taking classes without enrolling into a program? Example, I want to take Biochemistry I and Basic Statistics only. Will I be able to do that without enrolling into BS Biochem or BS Math? Please let me know if I'm not making sense.

    I really hope someone could help.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   missnurse01

    so yes here in the United States you can enroll in just a single class. unless they are at the grad level then you may have to ask special permission.
    if the class has any prerequisites you will have to provide them with transcripts to show you that you have taken those classes.

    good luck