Pros and Cons: rural vs major city

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    What are the Pros and Cons of practicing as the lone provider in a rural setting vs. working for a group at a big hospital. Thanks

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    I rotated to a site in New Mexico where the CRNA ia a lone provider. After the experience I decided that as a new grad I would be more comfortable in a large University Hospital setting with all the resources available to me. The greatest difference is having an anesthesia support staff: Attending physicians and anesthesia techs. Additionally you always have an extra pair of hands (from another anesthesia provider) if things go really wrong during something like a difficult airway or difficult line placement. At the same time- attending physicians can be overbearing and the work environment not the most collaborative in a hospital setting with medical direction. The ability to do anesthesia with your own plan during a case is not to be undervalued. But, again it comes with much more responsibilty, risk, and stress. Hope this helps!!

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