Pitt, Gtown, Rush

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    Anyone heard from them? Decisions should be out this week...
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    I'm in at Georgetown for Fall 2013!
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    Me too! I'm in at Rush, too. I'm thinking Gtown though!
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    Congratulations! I am also interviewing at Maryland in January, but I'm so happy about Georgetown! It seems like such a great program and I've worked with several Gtown grads... they all loved it and said they felt so well-prepared when they graduated. Do you live in the area?
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    Have you hears back from Pitt?
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    Yes, I live in the area. Right between DC and Baltimore.

    I heard back from Pitt in December, but they do two rounds of interviews for each year.
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    Hey golden, did you get early acceptance?
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    I got in on the first round of interviews. They do two sets for each class.