Organic Chem...Intro?

  1. 0 I know it seems to vary from program to program but would anyone recommend taking an intro/survey of organic/bio chem class? Does anyone have any knowledge of whether this would satisfy CRNA school requirements. My BSN degree did not include any chemistry classes, though i have taken some basic college chem in the past. In researching O-Chem classes im finding them to be varied to some extent, some colleges seem to offer a survey or into course organic course, in which no other pre-req's are necessary. However, on the other hand i have noticed that the typical Organic chem 1 and 2 seem to require 2 semesters or so of general chem to even take the class.

    So depending on how my current classes transfer, worst case scenario i would end having to take as much as 3 semesters of chemistry in order to have just one Organic chem class under my belt.

    Anyone else in a similar situation? I know some schools do not require any chem at all. Has anyone gotten away with the intro or survey classes? Or do i just need to buckle down for the next year and a half an take these silly classes?

    Im also working full time, plus trying to study for the GRE and CCRN...

    Thanks everyone
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    New England offers biochem online. It's 2500 for the class, no prereqs. They give you an entire year to finish it. Self-paced learning that fulfills the req for just about every program.
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    Hi Hartley,
    I was wondering the same thing. Something that I did find was that as long as it met the org or biochem requirement for the school, then it's good. But I'm still keeping my tabs open.

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