Online EKG class

  1. Anyone know a good 12 lead EKG class I can do online.....requirement for this semester for school, just got cancelled by one I'd registered in and have to have it done in with everything else, clinicals and all. (FNP student and I dont work in a hospital). PS my professor mentioned a school (Western...something...googled it) and for the life of me I cannot find it...
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  3. by   SWTNES
    Please let me know if you shoudl find one. I am in need of one as well.

  4. by   lovegasRN
    Meybe your instructor was talking about Case Western.
  5. by   MBCRNA
    I am not a SRNA, but I do know of an EKG module online: Apex Innovations. It wasn't extremely advanced, but it is an EKG module- I am not sure it is advanced enough though.